Recycling An Old Bike That Someone Else Has Thrown Away

An Old Bike That Somebody Else Has Thrown Away

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Ideally the videos tape-recording the procedure of and crafting from wood will be useful and amusing for you. I like to utilize wood from discarded trees, not valuable woods from the forest.
I can make whatever from wood, if you have a demand, email me and I will make it for you.
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Recycling An Old Bike That Someone Else Has Thrown Away

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  1. From fancy cars to bikes. Man, you should have all your creations and use them to create a little park or model museum….

  2. Bro love you and I’ll always support you I really love your videos take care and Don’t stop make new new thinks 😊😊

  3. amazing work keep it up. you deserve 20 mil subscriber the amount of work you put into your vids is insane

  4. Sooo creative u r…..u should make all these masterpieces of yrs on a large scale nd should sell it on online platforms also, so that we too can hv your creations 😍😊

  5. Man please donate your beautiful and amazing creations to the needy who actually need these. It would be a very good idea for you.

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