102 Days Build Tesla CyberTruck – The Most Awaited Car Of 2023-2024

102-day journey to develop Tesla , the most anticipated vehicle model in the 2023-2024 period

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We're a father and child duo crafting spectacular vehicles that integrate artistry with functionality. Join us as we showcase the bond of family love and the delight of woodworking. From detailed styles to perfect engineering, we develop aesthetically fascinating and completely functional cars. Subscribe now for a delightful blend of craftsmanship, family worths, and the magic of woodworking.
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102 Days Build Tesla – The Most Awaited Car Of 2023-2024

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  1. wow this looks exactly like the last 2 videos he uploaded this is a new con by a youtuber but you dont get those super chats on a normal upload, i cant see this working out well shame dishonesty runs through even the talented

  2. Great video and very talented people. My only annoyance is the slapping of the pieces and panels into place. Gets obnoxious after the 400th time a panel gets slapped into place.

  3. Que grandes y hermosos están tus bebés!!!.

    Desde Nicaragua te deseamos lo mejor. Paz y unidad para toda la familia 👪. Felices fiestas. Bendiciones.🎉😊❤

  4. It’s magnificent and extraordinary.
    You have already carried out other solid wood projects, but this one which mixes wooden planks and carved solid wood, I think it is your best work of Art with a capital A, lol! plus the Quad for the kid’s greatest joy, lol! there are no more words.
    It is only you, the Asians, who can create such works of art with little additional means, equipped like vehicles built by industrialists, and it is so much more beautiful and rewarding than metal. Congratulations…

    C’est magnifique et extraordinaire.
    Vous avez déjà réalisé d’autres projet en bois massif, mais celui là qui mélange les planches de bois et le bois massif sculpté, je pense que c’est votre meilleure oeuvre d’Art avec un grand A, lol ! plus le Quad pour la plus grande joie du gamin, lol ! il n’y a plus de mots.
    Il n’y a que Vous les Asiatiques pour réaliser avec peu de moyens en plus de telles oeuvres d’Art et équipées comme des véhicules construits par des industriels et c’est tellement plus beau et valorisant que du métal. Mes félicitations…

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