This kitchen pantry is perfect storage solution for any small space

Invite back! This video guides you through the detailed process of developing a compact yet roomy kitchen, best for little kitchens but adaptable to any area. Ideal for keeping a wide range of products such as spices, herbs, and dressings, this pantry is both practical and elegant. This job utilizes a mix of half-inch and three-quarter inch plywood as well as strong cherry for the top and trim. For those interested in tackling this task, a complete set of structure strategies is readily available for purchase at.

Some of the useful abilities, methods, and factors to consider you can learn from the video:

– Design Factor To Consider for Little Spaces: The job focuses on producing a pantry that makes the most of storage in a limited kitchen location, showcasing design methods for little spaces.

– Product Choice: The video demonstrates the option of products, such as plywood for the primary structure and solid cherry lumber for trims, stabilizing expense, durability, and looks.

– Precision in Measurements: The value of exact measurements and adjustments, particularly when handling products like plywood that might not perfectly line up with small sizes.

– Efficient Usage of Hardware: The choice and setup of hardware, such as piano hinges for the doors, are covered, demonstrating guarantee performance and ease of use.

– Pre-Assembly Painting Tips: The advantage of pre-painting parts of the kitchen before assembly to avoid troubles with painting in tight spaces later.

– Jig Use for Consistency: The video highlights use of jigs, like the Kreg shelf pin drilling jig, to make sure consistent and precise placements for adjustable shelving.

– Trim Work for Aesthetic and Function: How trim work not just boosts the visual appeal but likewise serves functional purposes, such as covering exposed plywood edges.

– Shelving Adjustability: The construction of adjustable shelving within the kitchen is showcased, providing versatility in storage options.

– Door Setup Strategies: Viewers find out a practical approach to installing doors using piano hinges, including suggestions to guarantee smooth operation and correct positioning.

– Final Assembly and Finishing Touches: The video concludes with the last assembly of the kitchen, including attaching doors, using last paint coats, and including manages or knobs, highlighting the actions to bring the task to conclusion.


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This kitchen pantry is perfect storage solution for any small space

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  1. The godfather of practical, useful woodworking videos is still making awesome project videos. Well done, Steve! You are a national treasure. 👍🏼

    1. Hold on, I think Steve is great and all, but has he ever stolen the Declaration of Independence to see the hidden map on the back side? I must have missed that video.

  2. I just did a quick Google search and found super lite weight and partical board versions of this for $100+. This is a solid wood, well build island that will last decades. Plus in making it yourself, it’s something to be proud of every time you use it. Great project Steve.

    1. It’s going to take double the years and moisture for construction grade plywood to deteriorate as magically as MDF. But go ahead, use baltic birch ply, or solid bubinga, zebrawood, or koa. It’s your wallet. It’s still a great design, and an achievable project for weekend warriors and mere mortals. Thanks, Steve!

  3. I may have to resaw some of my pallet wood and do a panel glue-up… Take care & stay safe Steve & family.

  4. Great little cabinet, Steve — love the combination of low-profile and high utility. Without the base and top, I could see this working well as a wall cabinet for paint supplies and all kinds of things.

  5. That is a fabulous idea Steve! I mean, who doesn’t need more storage space in their kitchen? I know we do! Thank you for the walk through to see how to build it! 😊😊😊😊😊❤❤❤❤❤

  6. So good to have you back with another great project. I love how many of your projects are relatable and approachable. I know it’s part of your personal mission statement, but that’s why I’ve followed you so long and love your videos. Thanks!!!

  7. This is a really lovely piece! I’m a huge fan of painted pieces that feature wood accents. It’s an underutilized technique in furniture building but the results are beautiful.

    I build a lot of pieces in this style and here are a few tips that I’ve found improved the quality of my work:

    1. Using carpenters putty dramatically improves the paint finish. I use the pink stuff that dries white – not the gritty “stainable wood finish”. By the time I’m done applying the putty to all the pieces, the pieces I started with are ready for a quick sand, after which, the results are smooth.

    2. Using a paint sprayer. Done correctly, a piece that’s sprayed has a much nicer, even finish (be sure to follow the directions for thinning the paint). Plus, it’s so much faster to apply. I use a mid-grade Wagner I picked at a Big Box, but Harbor Freight sells a house brand knock off for $50. You can also use it to apply stains and finishes.

  8. Steve you got me into woodworking during lockdown. Ive had a lull in it for a short while, and your video has inspired me once again.

    1. @SteveRamsey  No, thank you. I want to make a business of it, and I think I’d stepped back from it due to the worry of the whole thing. Now going to try and make it happen.

  9. I appreciate the extreme closeup at 12:18 so so much. It’s so good to know that having a drill hole be slightly off and the driving of the screw pull the pieces slightly apart is normal. I make things, they turn out okay, but I always doubt if little things like that add up to the less than 100% that my projects wind up. I will stop worrying and learn to love woodworking now

    1. Thank you! Yes, people are often surprised at how much wiggle room there is in woodworking, especially when something is this big. I try to get as accurate as possible without driving myself crazy 🤣

  10. It’s been a long time since I’ve watched a WWMM video but man does it bring back good memories. I learned so much from this man and I’m glad to see he is still staying true to what this channel is about. I half expected a sawstop and festool gadgets 😂

  11. Nice build! I just finished the Weekend Woodworker and I can’t recommend it enough. It was a great course and I learned a ton. I especially like how you give us the freedom to make changes to make the projects ours.
    I’d like to make a jewelry box for my wife but haven’t decided on a plan yet. Now I think a 1/8 version of this pantry in cherry would make a great jewelry box. Thanks for the inspiration!

  12. I love watching other YouTube creators build amazing river tables and complicated designs, but your videos are the ones I save because they’re practical, approachable, and fun.

  13. The deep blue paint and the Cherry wood contrast beautifully and the reveal makes all the difference to the top, great detailing which lifts the whole piece !

  14. Great build, Steve!
    I do have a tip for you, though (although you’ve been doing this far longer than I have).
    Before I paint plywood, I smear joint compound (the drywall stuff) on the exposed ply edges, let dry, and then lightly sand w/ 220. Once you paint, you’ll never see those plys – they come like butter!!

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