I bought the CHEAPEST tools on Amazon

Purchasing the least expensive on Amazon. Let's learn if they're any great. For 10% off your very first purchase, go to:

Here's an entire playlist of buying awful ! Have a look at the videos here:

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Tools Used (Amazon affiliate links).
Wen Circular Saw:.
Dewalt Circular Saw:.
Black & Decker Jig Saw:.
Bosch Jig Saw:.
Low-cost Japanese Pull Saw:.
My Great Pull Saw:.
General Wood Saw:.
Tape Measure:.
Combination Square:.
Corner Clamps:.
Drill Bits:.
F-Style Clamps:.
Thin Rip Jig:.
Router Bit Set:.
Dewalt Router:.

I bought the CHEAPEST tools on Amazon

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  1. Get yourself a WEN track saw…. Your going to need it for your budget shop:) my 14” bandsaw is also a WEN , with a custom carbide blade it’s a beast:) make something!

    1. I saw an 8″ WEN bench top drill press at Goodwill and hesitated because it seemed sketchy. But I passed it up to get a larger clearance in the future when I set up my shop space. Plus they wanted like $70 for it and I was like…brand new with a warranty at Home Depot I could pay $105.

  2. I have been pleased with the Wen, corded track saw i purchased knowing it wouldnt hold up if i was using it in the trade. Some of the woodworking magazines have started including Wen in the mix when they do tool reviews.

  3. Great vid, David. So fun. 😀
    Incidentally, i went looking for a “how to do flocking” video last week, and found myself watching one of your very early ones. So cool to see how little/much you’ve changed. 5 Thumbs up.

  4. You should do this all again with all the same tools from Harbor Freight and see how the Harbor stacks up.

    1. It’s been done. They’re pretty good. Most Bauer stuff is just under your Ryobi prosumer levels stuff

  5. 1st Love the “steam” coming off the mug @ 2:25. Great Job Dan!
    2nd, WEN tools are surprisingly good. I have a couple.

  6. For the price WEN tools are surprisingly good. My first planer – that I still use to this day – I bought 6 years ago, it’s a WEN. It was $200

    Also on the HF clamps. HF Periodically does a 30% off items $!0 and under (5 per transaction). So you can get them even cheaper. AND Lifetime warranty if they ever break.

  7. Wen is legit.
    I don’t know if this applies to all of their products, but an observation I made with the few tools of theirs I have…
    The packaging…packed on top is the instructions. Then the rest of the parts are packed to be pulled out in the order they’re listed in the instructions.
    That’s a planning detail I’ve never seen with any other company, and I like it.

  8. I’m trying to get into the hobby and my window shopping on Amazon has shown me many Wen tools with fairly decent reviews. While I haven’t used any of them, they seem to be trying to position themselves as the go to entry-level power tool company.

  9. That was fun! My 10y granddaughter is coming for Thanksgiving week, wood camp ya know. I think I can get her her very own set of tools! I was a little concerned about her using my more powerful tools. Thanks for the evaluations.

  10. Well done Dan! I like Wen tools myself as they are reasonably priced & good quality. Can’t wait to see what you build with all of those cheap tools! 👍👍🔨🔨

  11. I love my black and decker jigsaw. I have the exact same one. Been using it now for about 6 years. Still works great! 5⭐️

  12. I have several Wen benchtop tools and the Wen track saw. For me as only a hobbyist woodworker in retirement it is a great saw. I put a Diablo thin kerf 40 tooth blade and it is great. Now being a retired cabinet maker, I have had access to Festool and while their track saw is amazing. Nowhere in my budget. Love this video. Love your content

  13. When I had my shop, I had a buttload of WEN tools (planer, drill press, jointer even a stool) and they were solid tools. Highly recommend.
    I give this video 5 stars.

  14. Per your previous suggestions, I always buy a couple more F clamps whenever I walk into my HF store. For me, it’s the nice chunky handles they have. Far superior grip to the tiny wood handles on my Irwin clamps. As for the rest, I’ve already got my budget tools and have been slowly upgrading to better quality. But this is a good demonstration for what is out there and good enough to start working. Would also recommend for bigger tools looking for them 2nd or 3rd hand from garage and estate sales and auctions. Thanks for sharing!

  15. The things about the cheap saws is that while they worked fine on the first use, I just wonder how long they’ll stay sharp when compared to the more expensive ones

  16. I have a WEN 12 in. Variable Speed drill press, oscillating sander, bandsaw, jointer and planer (uses the small 14mm blades in both) and am very happy with the price, performance and quality of everything. I’m just a hobby woodworker so this fits my needs perfectly.

  17. Five plus stars for you! This was an excellent video and your plans for a “cheap tools” woodworking future is awesome! Truth be told, I am sure the majority of us out here can’t afford expensive tools and we do love diy woodworking! Big thumbs up!

  18. Wen tools are surprisingly good and definitely punch above their price. I used their track saw for a few years before finally upgrading.

  19. I use to have a $49 black and decker circular saw a few years ago. Brought it for cutting up pallets for firewood. I worked really well with a 24 tooth blade on it. No complaints about it had the power to cut though most things including the odd nail

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