The EASIEST way to cut tapers! Woodworking Tips.

The fastest and simplest way to make without expensive jigs. A great pointer and technique. I own a tapering and it's excellent at what it does but due to the fact that I do not utilize it enough I never ever remember how it works.

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The EASIEST way to cut ! Tips.

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  1. For such a simple jig I’m curious why anyone would spend money on a factory made jig. INCLUDING YOU DAVID.

  2. These tip videos are great David! Short and sweet! Love the sound fx, I imagine a pile of broken glass off camera 🙂

  3. No. Can’t get behind this one. Not a pun. Too much faith placed on the tape. Make a different jig

  4. Hey David, I have done the exact same thing when I was making 2 pairs of nightstands, since I had 16 total to do when I taped the 1st leg in place I added a couple cleats to the jig and made it a repeatable contraption 🙂

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