This dead blow mallet is efficient and won’t damage wood surfaces

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In this video, I'm making an extremely efficient and durable dead blow mallet for woodworking. A mallet is an important tool in any woodworker's toolbox, and this tutorial will direct you through producing one that reduces rebound, boosts striking force, and protects surface areas. Here are some key highlights you'll learn in the video:.

– Understanding the Dead Blow Mallet: Discover what makes a dead blow mallet distinct, especially its ability to decrease rebound and optimize striking force, compared to other mallets.

– Ingenious Style Features: Discover the style secrets that offer this mallet its remarkable qualities, including the use of lead weights and the technique for producing a very strong mortise and tenon joint.

– Comprehensive And Construction Process: Follow the step-by-step guide on drilling, shaping, and assembling the mallet, ensuring precision and resilience in your develop.

This video is not just a tutorial; it's an invitation to fine-tune your woodworking abilities and include an important tool to your workshop. Don't forget to have a look at the plans offered at for more information. Thank you for enjoying, and enjoy your woodworking journey!



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This dead blow mallet is efficient and won't damage surfaces

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  1. Nice to revisit this project, I made a copy from a previous video and have been using it happily for several years now.

  2. This will definitely be on my “to do list” for the workshop. I am badly in need of one. Thank you for the simple, straightforward instruction, Steve!

  3. I made a Thor mallet, works well, just make sure you use a heavy wood for the head so it is a proper dead blow. Also works well for chopping out a mortise, I have however switched to a hammer with changeable soft heads for chopping mortise and tennon joints. Lighter = longer time being able to hold said hammer for chopping and don’t damage your chisel handles.

  4. I love this channel ! I always find myself coming back here for simplicity and directness of your channel. I find myself exhausted trying to watch all these people doing AI builds . When all I want is stuff that I can realistically build in my own garage 👍

  5. Steve you are a pioneer in how-to videos and the best ! Have learnt a lot from watching your videos. Thanks.

  6. I love that you are doing more project videos. It’s what got me started doing woodworking. Thanks for all you do

  7. For entertainment (even the Halloween videos) and education, WWMM truly is the best on YouTube! All the best and continued success Steve!

  8. Thank you for all the straightforward, practical, clearly explained, lessons. Just joined Patreon for the sole purpose of supporting you and this content, and to let you know it is very much appreciated. And I bought a Grr-ripper because of you too- love it!

  9. I started my wood working hobby by watching Steve… ! Even though I have bought many tools and completed projects for my home in last 3 years, I still come back to watch Steve for basics which I don’t get in any other videos. Thanks Steve !!!

  10. Oh man, a Patreon! You’ve changed the way I do woodworking in the last couple of years. It was a frustrating experience and now I really enjoy every second of it. Thank you so much, and I’ll make sure to become a patreon 🙂

  11. I have noticed and appreciated your pivot back to project videos. May your personal job satisfaction ever increase. You’re a gem, Steve.

  12. You never disappoint Steve. BTW, let’s not say “you don’t need expensive tools” too loud. Certain people may be watching over our shoulders or listening from another room.

  13. This is my favorite woodworking channel on YouTube without a question! Like, your lockdown woodworking videos were literally my favorite part of the day while the world was losing their minds because of COVID. Thanks for all that you do Steve!

  14. so happy to see a new one of these! i still have my old mallet i made from one of your old videos haha. also your integrity and devotion to beginner woodworkers is what makes you stand out from everyone else steve. You really are a step above!

  15. I feel like we’ve seen Steve’s channel evolve a lot over the years and it’s kind of reached a “final form”, which is absolutely my favorite.

  16. Pretty sure you have something in your arsenal for everyone and anyone to learn something about woodworking, even just life lessons.
    I try to watch every video you produce.
    Thank you.

  17. Thank you Steve for always keeping it as simple as possible! You truly are the beginners woodworking instructor! Keep creating and we’ll keep watching!

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