This Wood Never Disappoints !!

In this video I turn a natural edge form from a Yew log and finished it with Mineral oil.

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and woodworking can be dangerous, When utilizing any tools/machinery constantly check out & understand the producer's guidelines & security directions.
The methods I use may not be the most safe, so please be accountable for your own security … My videos are for entertainment purposes just.

This Never Disappoints !!

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  1. I already know this will be amazing before I even watch. ❤ My dad was a master carpenter and he was always working on something and sometimes it’s nice to hear the same noise again.

  2. Man the more I see you turn Yew, it just makes me want to get some. One day.😄

  3. Yew is such a gorgeous wood, the grain is just amazing and I really love that you left it natural. Beautiful work Andy

  4. Hi Andy! That looks good. A smiling face on the vase👍. Best regards from Hans and Cheers 🍻🇦🇹.

  5. I knew when I saw the title this will be good. Yew is probably the best turning wood there is. It has lots of appealing character.

  6. Yew don’t disappoint Andy ,stunning vase ,beautiful colours in the yew wood well done🎉❤

  7. I never realized that Yew wood was so pretty. Great job Andy, it’s beautiful.

  8. That wood never disappoints, and neither do you! Another gorgeous piece, Andy!

  9. Beautiful. You took a chunk of wood & within minutes create a vessel with a lovely voluptuous shape. My new favourite! 👏🏻👏🏻

  10. Always was my favourite subject in school learning how to use a lathe. Wish somebody had told me i could have made a career out of it. I will just have to live vicariously through you. 😊

  11. I’m always delighted to see new videos on your channel. I’m not a woodworker, but I like watching. – Todd in Rochester, New York.

  12. The most satisfying process to watch is creating something beautiful from a generous heart ❤️

  13. Stunning piece, Andy! Really fantastic work! 😃
    Beautiful wood indeed!!!
    Stay safe there with your family! 🖖😊

  14. The colors and grain structure of the Yew wood is simply beautiful, and you bring out its best! I so enjoy the piece I purchased from you months ago. Everyone that sees it comments on how beautiful it is! Love watching you create these works of wooden art!

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