Making the Coolest Knife Sharpener of All Time #Shorts

I made this sharpener back in 2017 and I believe the way it works is pretty neat.
Initial video:

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Making the Coolest Knife Sharpener of All Time #Shorts

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  1. Nice. This invention won’t eat nearly as much steel as the carbide sharpeners of similar concept. I stopped using those years ago. A couple of passes, a quick run over a steel, done. Perfect maintenance sharpener.

  2. I wish I could give more than 1 like. Incredible imagination to think of this, wow, I’m a little bit in awe. Fantastic.. that is my project for tomorrow.

  3. My aunt had a smaller version of this. For razorblades, on each side the same setup and the blade made a circling motion between the stones. Nice simple project, and so handy in the kitchen.

  4. How did you keep the grit produced from cutting the stone from getting into the moving parts of your saw??

  5. It’s a fail for me. You didn’t make the springs out of wood. LOL No really cool idea.

  6. In the first demonstration, I mistook the ‘coming apart’ motion for one of changing angle. Now that I can see that that’s not the case, it’s an excellent piece.

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