Hustle With Fire: No More Excuses, the Time is Now!

Beginning a side hustle is all about action and enhancement. Here are 5 pointers to inspire you. Along with these tips we're making an easy desktop organizer and utilizing the Creator tool to bend acrylic. This is episode 3 of my Side Hustle Material Series. This video was made in partnership with @ and the Developer Tool. Discover more at #HustleWithFire #FindYourFire.

Episode 1: Hustle With Fire: Find Your Function!

Episode 2: Hustle With Fire: Leave Your Mark.

Stay tuned for more cool jobs with the FirePoint Developer Tool and more tips and tricks I found out along my journey of turning my enthusiasm into my profession! Use the 5 suggestions from the video to start your side hustle. Stop awaiting the correct time. No more excuses, the time is now! For finest results, use just with Bernzomatic MAP-Pro or gas. #.

Hustle With Fire: No More Excuses, the Time is Now!

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  1. Waiting for your video’s is like waiting for your favorite meal. Sometimes it take a bit, but well well worth it

  2. Great idea and they came out beautiful. Love the different colors you chose for the acrylic.

  3. Your content keeps getting better. So proud of you and so happy for your success on your channel! Hope to meet you at WBC!

  4. Number 1 is the same thing my coworker used to say to me about having kids. Best advice I ever got 4 kids later

  5. You must be coinin’ it with this sponsor. Go on Dave Boy! As great as ever. Top tips!

  6. Did you use any particular drill bits on acrylic? I need to order some pre-cut acrylic but drilling holes takes the price way up so I’m doing to drill it myself. I just don’t want to F it up.

  7. Brilliant, Dave! Fantastic work! πŸ˜ƒ
    I do something similar, but with PVC. First I cut a piece of around 40cm of PVC pipe, cut it vertically and heat it in the oven. When it gets soft I put it between 2 pieces of glass and some weight over it. You know?
    After that you can cut the pieces you need, sand it and mold it with heat. It’s great to fix plastic parts of tools and to build rc stuff. 😊
    Anyway, stay safe there with your family! πŸ––πŸ˜Š

  8. David awesome project. Turned out very well there. Keep up the great craftsmanship and hard work my friend. Keep making. God bless.

  9. Hey man, awesome video and awesome project. I’m so gonna make this, but mount a wireless charger on the back. Keep up the good work πŸ‘πŸ»

  10. Nice video. Cool tool. Cradle is great feature cuz I’m always tipping over my tank. Mahalo for sharing! : )

  11. Love your videos, bought your book. Been working on turning the side hustle into a full time gig. Keep up the inspiration.

  12. Cool idea for a project! They look great! I bent acrylic like this in middle school and had forgotten about that technique… thank you for the reminder!
    I liked the style and pacing of the video too! Nice job πŸ™‚

  13. Nice tip on using heat to remove that pesky plexi paper. Your sponsor should be happy that not only did I buy a firepoint based on your video, but a friend of mine did too. They are great tools.

  14. I’m really starting to like this tool. My wife has the little handheld Bernzomatic propane torch that she use with her epoxy work. After this video, you sold me as the possibilities with acrylic, my laser and the torch could be limitless. Great job

  15. Long time subscriber. This is one of my new favourite videos to inspire trying different mediums. Well done mate

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