Transform your workshop with this space-saving mobile tool stand. Versatile and efficient.

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This video includes the development of a versatile multi-purpose tool stand, designed to support any power tool. You will discover construct an adjustable cabinet utilizing basic techniques. Key strategies and takeaways for audiences include:.

– Breaking down large sheets of plywood utilizing a circular saw.
– Producing dadoes and grooves for drawer runners.
rabbet joints for drawers to streamline assembly.
– Appropriately connecting drawer confronts with flush and balance out setups.
– Setting up heavy-duty locking casters for mobility.
– Using paste wax to guarantee smooth drawer motion.
– Understanding the adaptability of the task for different height choices.
– Practical insights into woodworking and shop job planning.

In general, this video supplies audiences with detailed guidelines and valuable insights into a functional, personalized tool mean your workshop.

Oh, here's those casters I used!


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Transform your workshop with this space-saving mobile tool stand. Versatile and efficient.

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    1. I know right? Oh this is so easy to make, and then they have a 5000 dollar tool that makes it. They just push a knob.

  1. Great little cabinet/stand Steve. I might go make a few of them right now to help clean up and organize my shop. Keep up the great work sir!

  2. Thank you for keeping in the moments that show you’re also a “mere mortal”. Great project, video, and presentation! Really makes me want to get out there and build a few things!!

  3. Thanks Steve! That’s a neat little multi-purpose cabinet you could use for many different bench top tools and extra storage to boot. Great idea! 😊😊😊

  4. This is a good cabinet to have the plans for, so I bought them. I did notice that like me, you have issues with gravity. Gravity always seems to win. Thanks for the videos and knowledge they provide.

  5. As always, great video. Thanks for keeping them coming. Just the right amount of detail and good subject.

  6. I have a retired sewing table that serves as my cart for band saw and drill press. The bottom is open and not very useful for storage, so now i am considering breaking it up for more shelves or drawers. Thanks for another good video, Steve! I always learn something.

  7. would love to see a review of the bandsaw once you’ve made a few things with it. another great project!

  8. This would be nice to make.
    For people with a small shop and don’t have a table saw also has bad knee, have you ever thought about showing how to make a vertical panel saw that you could attach your Circular Saw too.

  9. I have been waiting for simple instructions to make a cabinet to add under my workbench. With a few adjustments, this is just what I have been looking for. Thanks so much!
    Love your how to’s

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