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  1. This is crazy as a diehard fan of both of y’all 😭 foaming at the mouth rn, having heart palpitations, can’t wait to listen later

  2. Also Steve I highly suggest you reach out to Dinkle’s woodshop as a guest! She’s a fantastic creator and in my opinion a HUGE breath of fresh air as far as woodworking content presentation goes. Very inspiring and friendly

  3. Nah, not always. I gave my cousin a jacked up floating shelf with hidden compartment. It looked great until I stained it. Staining it was like highlighting every tiny scratch. It was too late to make a new one being I had just barely finished it on time to begin with.

    I digress. He still was overjoyed when I gave it to him. He was definitely being nice.

  4. Woodworking is very much a thankless profession. To be honest, I would only ever give woodwork to friends who also do woodwork or are artists of some kind who are familiar with/can appreciate extreme effort put into seemingly small details. For friends and family who are practical laymen, the furniture store will do.

  5. I showed my brother, who is a trained carpenter & an incredible artist, some pictures of projects I had made and his reaction was everything, because he can actually tell if stuff is good or not! I’m making him a seed saving box for christmas and I’m only MILDLY terrified of doing it all wrong.

  6. I used to dislike going into Pier One because I would see items that some craftsman in a third world country put a lot of time and effort into and then the price was a fraction of what you would expect. I mean, yea, it’s giving a market and thus a job to such a person, but on the other hand it makes things that are made by craftsmen here in the US look so overpriced. Ugh.

  7. I knew these two worlds had to collide at some point! Been a fan of you both for years, looking forward to listening.

  8. Obviously the only proper thing to do to say thanks for a woodworking gift is to gift woodworking back

  9. I have made gifts for Christmas for a few years running. Everyone is polite but the true test is going into their homes and finding your work being displayed for all to see. It’s a hit or miss though. I’ll take the occasional win if it means I get to keep honing my skills. Plus you get to see your progress year after year.

  10. My worlds are colliding. I’m so excited these two people are connecting! I’ve been such big fans of both for so long!

  11. Still got the piano stool my brother made me. I am actually in disbelief he could make something that perfect.

  12. You can only appreciate it if you know something about woodworking. But if you do, its one of the best gifts you can get if you ask me!

  13. This is exactly how quilters feel when gifting quilts! Some folks you love dearly just will not appreciate the effort and will not make it on the list of people to receive one! 🤭

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