This drawer organizer was an exercise in correcting dumb mistakes lol

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This drawer organizer was an exercise in correcting dumb mistakes lol

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  1. So enjoyable to see more long form content from you, Steve! It really seems like something you enjoy producing!

  2. Great video and what a wonderful way to resolve a lot of things people do wrong at times.

  3. Very nice, thanks for the tips at the beginning. Also, please be mindful of those hoodie cords dangling above the TS work surface. They can be deadly!

  4. YES! I miss your actual wood working videos. I need to make a drawer organizer like this thank you for posting again.

  5. I need to make two of these, thanks for the long format and especially for sharing your previous attempts and what you changed!

  6. Great build, Steve! Love how you’re able to think outside the box and solve those ever too common little oopsies. I do have an unrelated question, if you don’t mind. I’ve recently been given a ton of heat treated 2×10 pallets and was wanting to know your experience with glueing up heat treated wood. Do you just increase the set time? Have you noticed any strength differences between untreated wood glue-ups vs. treated? Thank you in advance! Been a subscriber for about a decade now. I’m always looking forward to your new videos!!

  7. Fun video, I felt sure you were going to use a Dremel to do the cut-outs, but the drum sander did an awesome job as well.

  8. Whoa! Check out that “piston fit”! Nicely done, it turned out great. I think I’m going to have to give this project a shot.

  9. Hi Steve
    Just taking some time to Thank you for all you do! I hope amazing things are coming your way! I will always support you!

  10. I’ve come to believe that the true quality of a woodworker is in how they cover up their mistakes.
    Now, if we just could stop pointing out those mistakes to everyone that comes to admire our work.

  11. Steve, I just wanna pop in here and say you’re such an inspiration. I’ve never told you this, but between you, Jimmy and Bob, you guys were my inspiration and drive to pursue this full-time and now I am able to do so. I just wanted to come in here and say thank you and I really enjoyed this video.

  12. Great video! Ever thought about just laying it in the drawer it’s built for to let the glue dry? You could use playing cards to shim it which would effectively clamp it.

  13. Hi Steve, thanks for another great video. My biggest takeaway from your videos is how to use a table saw properly and safely!

    I had a question – in the case where you are making items (such as this drawer organizer) that will come in contact with utensils or food, do you change your type of finishing? Is there a type of finishing that you would use to make your project food safe?

    1. In general, most finishes, such as lacquer are safe once they are dried and cured. I wouldn’t use a lead based paint though!

  14. Hi Steve, great project. I’ll save it to my ‘things to make’ folder. You always do a great job making woodworking approachable. two comments. Another reason to do some of these projects is practice. As a every other weekend wood worker many projects are just to try new techniques. Practice makes other projects easier. Second, while I don’t have a drum sander I’m amazed at how many time sandpaper around some handy round thing works for curves. Between spray paint cans, 1 quart cans, parts from an old cat tower, even a 5 gallon bicket once, I have enough round objects for curved sanding.

  15. i love how it fit so perfectly into the drawer that the air being squeezed out gently lowered it gently into place.

  16. Beautiful work, Steve! 😃
    I’m loving the longer videos!!!
    BTW, save one of those thin stripes and make a drawing bow!
    Stay safe there with your family! 🖖😊

  17. Ive really missed these longer videos! I got a new job that requires me to travel constantly over the next 2 years, so i really hope i can live vicariously through your projects while my poor tools gather dust in storage! Really good practical project!

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