Making More Mallets

I am using up the last couple of pieces of ship dunnage tropical that I have for . I am going to use this for the heads on a new batch of mallets. I will utilize quicker offered maple and walnut for the handles. Likewise, I made two segmented mallet heads. One is birch plywood made into a woven pattern on the outer surface area of the mallet head. For the other segmented mallet, I glued together a stack of bamboo plywood and wood turning that into a mallet. I made the joint between the mallet head and the deal with on the router by cutting a radial finger joint. I also outlined the shape of the mallet on the 4th axis of the . After that, I ended up the final type of the mallet on the lathe. After sanding, I applied walnut oil.

Tools utilized in this task can be found at

Woodturning tools:.

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0:00 (intro).
3:32 (addition).
12:25 (subtraction).
19:16 (completing).

Making More Mallets

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