7-Year Journey: Box Elder Burl Wood Bowl Turned on Lathe

In this video, I am showcasing a gorgeous job that I have actually been working on for nearly 7 years. The journey began when a viewer talented me with some box senior wood. I carefully cut the wood into pieces and blanks for turning bowls. I then turned the blanks on my lathe, utilizing my bowl gouge and scraper to shape the wood. After allowing the bowl blanks to dry and treatment for a number of years, I've finally ended up among them. The bowl has a sensational burl grain pattern and is really an artwork. I ended up the piece with a finish of walnut oil, bringing out the natural beauty of the wood. #shorts

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7-Year Journey: Box Elder Burl Wood Bowl Turned on Lathe

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  1. Clicked on this by mistake. Thought it might be an interesting video but it ended in less than a minute. What is that all about!

    1. Rude! Frank doesn’t owe anybody any videos, long or short. I’m happy when he posts anything, and I did find it interesting.

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