Making Mars out of Cherry

I have actually made the from a dodecahedron made out of cherry wood. The dodecahedron is constructed of pentagons that have the surface of carved into them. I put the pentagons together to make the sphere of the world. I did a similar job about the moon a couple of months ago and in that job I had trouble keeping the joints between the pentagons small. In this Mars task, I was able to hold the pentagons with a mortise and tenon on my table saw jig. This allowed me to cut the angle in between the various pentagons along the sides of each pentagon by holding them from the center rather of from the edge. This decreased the joint in between each of the pentagons producing the final type of Mars.

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0:00 (introduction).
1:31 (dust boot).
2:53 (pentagons).
10:00 (connecting pentagons).
14:46 (completing).
16:20 (conclusion).

Making Mars out of Cherry

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  1. Have you thought about using a plastic bag and a vacuum for clamping for a hopefully uniformly inwards pressure?

  2. That’s great, Frank. If there’s a better way, you’ll find it if anyone can.

  3. That was so much fun. It looks so good. I love the solutions you came up with. Thanks again!

  4. I love these globes, but fyi, you made a mirrored Mars. At some point in the process, you must have accidentally inverted something.

  5. Rather than lots of belt clamps, you might try vacuum bagging the whole planet.

  6. Wrap the sphere in cling film. You can start off just snugly going around, and then increasing the tension as you wrap will squeeze it all together. Or lots of rubber bands.

  7. If you cut the seams at a very slightly steeper angle, then it would mostly be the outer edge that makes contact first, should close the gaps πŸ˜‰

  8. β€œAnd I took a Martian sample”
    This is why we yell out with excitement β€œFrank posted!!!!”

  9. I will never get tired of the stop motion you put into these videos. These small animations take a lot of time to create and I am glad you do it. This sets your videos apart.

  10. I’ve been watching Frank’s videos for years and that Squeaky Clamp inch-worming it’s way across the screen still just makes me smile.

  11. Truly amazing work, Frank! It turned out great! πŸ˜ƒ
    Stay safe there with your family! πŸ––πŸ˜Š

  12. And next You need to make a Snickers out of Walnut πŸ˜„ Awesome work! Respect!

  13. Unbelievable. You decide on something difficult to impossible, then you make it. Be comforted, we will not (be able to) steal your ideas. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

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