Making A Cat Playground – Part 2

I have made more of our feline play area. The very first brand-new part I made was a hexagon that is wider so there's more interior area for the cats to lounge. Also, a huge part of this build was cutting the rabbets and dadoes on the maker instead of on the table saw and the radial arm saw.
The second part to this was 2 square frames that are 7 inches deep and have holes cut in the sides to enable the felines to enter into them. They hold on the French cleat system. These provide a location for the cats to hang out above and view what's going on in the craft space. I likewise made some walkways for the felines to get between the different parts of the feline climbing up wall. They also hold on the French cleats. The felines appear to enjoy it and have been climbing up and lounging around by themselves.

A Cat Play Area:
Making a Craft Room:

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Woodturning tools:.

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  1. The “Cleated cat Colosseum” I think you’re onto something here Frank this was a fantastic addition for your furry friends

    1. Glimpse Inside VS Frank Howarth in a “French cleat off” competition… lets make this happen 😀

  2. I gotta say, these videos were a good call. Amazing skills in woodworking and an amazing project combined with wonderfull cats, who doesnt love cats and hand crafted things

  3. I love the name Waffle! You make some great projects and I always enjoy watching your work come to life! Great job!

    1. My nieces named their cat Waffles, and I laughed out loud last video when Frank said that one of the cats had that same name.

  4. I love ALL OF YOUR VIDEOS SIR! Thank you so much for all of the details and walking us through the project. I’m gonna try to make something for my outdoor farm cats. Thank you for sharing!

  5. We have something like it and our cats love it. One thing that might be a good thing is to put some material up where they can do their claws, so they don’t think that it is ok to do it at the carpet ( english is not my first language, so i do not know the Word for what the cats do with the claws on carpet, wallpaper, furnitures and more)

  6. One nice thing about them being removable (rather than permanently attached to the wall) is it makes it easier to clean them. Very nice design!

    1. He also keeps the ability to entirely remove them, or simply replace some modules with new play areas should I come up with new ideas !

  7. Boa tarde. Tudo bem? O seu canal no Youtube na minha humilde opinião é um dos melhores, humilde, simples,um canal que envolve família também, você tem o dom. Muito criativo, inteligente, preparado e capacitado. Me sinto até mais inteligente vendo os seus vídeos, e você tem bom gosto nas cores das ferramentas. Um forte abraço meu amigo abençoado,Deus abençoe você e sua família. Brazil/São Paulo.

  8. out of curiosity, how much “ease” did you give the dovetail pockets for the pins? seems like a great fit.

  9. Without having seen the Instagram post, and watching you set up the CNC to do the dovetails, I thought, “I bet he’ll do a cat paw or a cat face or something brilliant, because it’s Frank.” I was not disappointed!! Love your creativity 😺

  10. I do love watching the lengths folks will go to just to make stuff for their pets – shows just how much they value them.

  11. I watched this with two of my cats on my lap. They now have IDEAS about improvements to our home decor. 😸

  12. Hey Frank you should look into the CNC nail guns they make. They shoot plastic nails for holding down your work piece so you don’t have to worry about tooling hitting hold downs.

  13. I really appreciate how educational your videos have become. I’ve always found them to be very informative, but more and more you present and demonstrate in a way that I feel I’m comprehending what I’m seeing. Thanks as always.

  14. Another great video from Frank. I admire your ability to adapt your project according to your cats’ behaviors. Can’t wait for your next video.

  15. 7:30 I can’t think of a stronger approval from Waffles: she sat, streched, laid down, and felt safe (tucking her paws) 😸

  16. i like the explanation and showing of the difference in manufacturing between cnc and manual. its nice to learn about pros and cons for future projects.
    also, waffles is cute

  17. I’ve wanted to make a cat playground on my wall for a long time. Thank you for the inspiration! Maybe one day I’ll get around to it and can use some of your ideas. Great project and great video!

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