Great Inventions And Ideas From Old Wooden Pallets//How To Build A Unique Outdoor Folding Chair -DIY

Creations And Concepts// Build A Special Outdoor Collapsible Chair – DO IT YOURSELF
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Great Inventions And Ideas From Old Wooden Pallets// Build A Unique Outdoor -

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  1. Could you please mail me the lengths of each piece??? you did a gr8 job on this chair!!

  2. Genius. Simple to make as well, provided in my case I measure each piece correctly lol love the chair my friend and will sub straight away

  3. They look great, no question, could you not give the measurements of each piece? I want to try to make one please

    1. Please refer to:
      Overall 77cm H x 58cm W x 95cm D
      Seat Height – Floor to Seat 42cm

  4. I like your 3 in 1 machine(tablesaw,tableplaner and jointer) , can you please give me a detail about it

  5. i think you can get tipped if you sit on the edge by mistake. if yes, how can it be avoided by design.

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