What’s a Trunnion? Building A Wooden Band Saw

This is part 3 in my 12" wood band saw build. In this one I make the quick release tensioner and stiffen the upper part of the frame, plus set up the motor and circuitry. After running the saw for the first time I made the trunnions and table from 3/4" Baltic birch plywood.
See part 1 here:
Part 2:

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What's a Trunnion? Building A Wooden Band Saw

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  1. Im finding this kinda video really satisfying to watch.
    Even though i never gonna make a band saw by myself

  2. How can you not be subscribed and follow John if you are into woodworking and diy ? Great build John, it’s coming along nicely! 👌 . Really like the insert and tensioner, quick and easy.

  3. At 1:30 you show some twist when you tighten the blade. Can I assume (since it was not shown) that reinforcing you did solved the issue? Awesome build!

  4. I think you have a wagon vise on your bench, right?
    I always wonder why this is not the go-to clamp for the mini router-table and such.

  5. Fantastic work, John! 😃
    I’m definitely looking forward to the next video!
    Stay safe there with your family! 🖖😊

  6. Good stuff John the only thing better than repairing tools is making them from scratch. Great video thumbs up.

  7. I do enjoy your machine builds and this one is no exception!!! Still trying to find the time to build that 1” wide belt sander…I’ve got a motor and the plans but that’s as far as I’ve gotten so far…cheers

  8. Awesome to see something mechanical or a jig being built, rather than just a piece of “static” furnature.

  9. It is looking great. I never heard of people making their own tools, until I discovered your channel a couple of years ago. You are an inspiration. Thanks.

  10. What a great project this has been. If I didn’t have my Shopsmith Bandsaw I’d be tempted to try building this in the future. That small router table may be a possible project for next year however.

  11. 1:38 It would be nice to see an “after” tensioning (around 5:00) to see how much of a difference the added parts made.

  12. This band saw build is nuts. Maybe one day after retirement I’ll have time to build some of these awesome tools. However, for now I’ll stick to the easier ones like the clamps that I’ve been enjoying building!

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