Making Fancy Doorway Trim Moulding

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I had just ended up the lighted sunburst wood panel ceiling in the stairwell when I immediately started dealing with the doorway into the stairs.
Although it doesn't have a door, it is framed for one and I believed it would be perfect to serve as the entry into what has actually become my wonderland of escape from the world.
These stairs go to my devoted room for listening to music, reading and viewing films, all entirely detached from the internet and other modern-day distractions.
The trim design matches the ceiling I simply finished:

And the shelving I developed for my movie collection:

While the moulding profile and information are not excessively elaborate, the trim does have a number of parts.
– The jambs are just 1/2" maple veneer plywood, although strong maple would have been better.
– The housings are made up of three pieces to form the stepped profile, with more of the maple ply as the centre.
– The head is two piece with a crown that has the same chamfered profile as the one I utilized on the shelves.
– There are a pair of tampered ornamental blocks in the corners of the jambs that pick up the tapered sunburst rays in the ceiling and offer it a subtle Art Deco feel.
– Strong maple plinth obstructs on the entry side of the opening complete the appearance.

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Making Fancy Doorway Trim Moulding

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