I Bought Every Woodworking Ad I Saw on Facebook

Are all those cheap tool ads on a rip-off? Let's find out: Brought to you by Squarespace. For 10% off your first purchase, go to:

I got scammed on a lot more the very first 3 times! Have a look at the videos here:

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0:00 Introduction
0:08 Buying
08:38 Unboxing
27:11 Remorse

If you wish to find out what I in fact use in my examine them out here:

I Bought Every Ad I Saw on Facebook

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  1. Hi David, videos like this are the reason why I open youtube. I rewatch your videos at least 2 times. Thanks for posting! I love this one.

  2. I have the kreg accucut, didn’t like the sled that came with it. So I ended up making my own out of plywood. Made such a improvement, and now I actually enjoy using the product.

    1. That’s a good idea, I’m pretty unhappy with the sled as well, I never thought of just making my own. 👍

    1. Was coming to see if anyone else was going to comment. It looks like they just completely stole the video from Makers Cabinet.

  3. I was just as surprised as you about the final tool!
    Love these videos, David. Thank you for spending money and risking getting scammed so that we don’t have to. So happy you didn’t get a fan to add to your collection this time 😉

  4. That dust collection arm is really quite cool actually, especially like you said with a complete system in place. I’d get one of those for my model making as well so i dont have to run back and forth between all my tools and re-hose the vaccuum cleaner to different stuff.

  5. I love my DFM squares…they are always dead on and priced right. After watching this video, I think I need to add a few items to my Christmas list. I want that mullet arm and the router plane.

  6. I have that Kreg track and feel the same way you did, if it had less play it would be great, but with the play it is not any easier or more convenient than just using a circular saw with a long straight edge.

  7. I bought the milescraft tracksaw guide and I’m SO happy with it. I get straight accurate cuts everytime. Great video, I enjoy your content

  8. The DFM squares are awesome. Scratch and dent may mean they have some sort of blemish or damage on them? Either way two squares for that price is a great deal. The squares’are every bit as accurate as the red brand.

    I’m interested in the router plane. Looks like good quality and high value for the price. Bonus points for knob polishing 😂

  9. I got the Milescraft rail track adapter for circular saws and it is outstanding, very solid and mostly aluminum/metal. It has four points of contact around the saw base, has adjustment for tightening the rail, and also a setup jig so you can use it with multiple saws without recutting the zero clearance strip. I only wish I could get a guide rail square for it. Great bit of kit if you do not have the budget for a dedicated track saw.

  10. The mullet cyclone attached a ct 26 has been unbelievable. It’s saved me so much in bags and filters. I hooked it up to the camvac90L which is a high pressure system and it handled it without even thinking about buckling. The boom arm saved me 300+ not having to buy festools boom arm. It’s keeps my hose off the ground and is great for so many other things. I will be purchasing another one to separate from the cyclone for when I build my next assembly table. You can buy an attachment to fit a hose in the end and not just the dust hood. Awesome products and amazing customer service

  11. This is a great series. I love watching it.

    The inaccuracy of all the tracksaw conversion kits is why I bought a real track saw. I bought the Kreg and it’s laser accurate. Every other thing that uses a mounted circ saw is not for woodworking.

  12. I don’t do woodworking,don’t have the skill for woodwoeking,and yet somehow I always enjoy your videos.Especially the tool reviews.

  13. I can’t say enough about the Mullet. I didn’t trust myself rigging one and wanted something good, a bit of a hit but what it’s saved me so far, has paid for itself and then some, I’m still on the bag that came with the CT26 after HEAVY use over the last 10 months or so. At this rate I won’t have to buy a replacement bag for 5 years. It’s really that good.

  14. When I was scoping out track saws I was looking hard at that Craig, decided on Makita instead, good thing.

    I bought a storage shed off Facebook ad for 85 dollars, they sent me a bracelet with plastic beads.

    Love your vids man you’re a great maker!

  15. That dust arm thing would be perfect at the drill press where dust collection is probably the most difficult

  16. I bought the Mullet for our shop at school. Paired it with a shopvac with a cyclone dust collector. I attached it on my workbench in a relatively central location so I can use it over my miter saw and table saw as a supplement and attach a hose and use it on my sander, router and router table so far. Love it.

  17. I have the Milescraft jig and love it. You do need to put a small clamp on the back, but that is very easy and only a buck or two. It works very well for me.

    Also, I have a few Cowryman Planes and they are the best planes outside of my Japanese planes. Extremely high quality and the steel only has to be sharpened periodically instead of regularly that my Stanleys need.

  18. I bought the Japan Fan based on your video. I’ve created countless amazing projects with it. It’s probably the most used tool in my shop. So I was happy to see it’s return on your channel.

  19. I love the DFM squares, not only the small squares shown in this vid but also they make the “L” shaped squares that include 2 pins where you can use those to easily strike a center line.

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