How to fasten table tops to allow wood movement.

secure down strong wood table tops to permit seasonal wood motion. A terrific pointer to keep in your back pocket.




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table tops to allow wood movement.

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  1. The “shorts” are great – no need to belabor the point by extending that into a 15 minute video. Your shorts/tips videos are of such a consistent quality that I watch them without fail, knowing that, even if it’s something that I already know or have no use for, I’m not wasting a bunch of time. Keep up the great content, and holler if you ever head over to Cleveland!

  2. I haven’t seen this sort of hardware available here. The idea is not entirely that different to traditional cabinet maker’s buttons, however they don’t add in any level of tension to keep the top flush to the frame like buttons do. I prefer to make slots with a Domino router so that the buttons have about 1mm of space between the mating faces so that the screw pulls everything in line.

  3. I love those fasteners. They are simple and solid. But when I drill out the mortise, i also square out the hole with the edge of the cabinet, so they have a bit more travel. Thanks for the great tip. Cannot wait for the project video.

  4. Ive got an antique solid maple end table. The top is direct mounted, no expansion joints. No cracks or splits or anything after 80 years. How can this be?

  5. Is there any sense in making the mortise cuts deeper into the base to allow movement in that direction as well?

    1. Deeper might not be the right word. Deeper towards the outside edge while still keeping flush to the surface.

  6. This is great! Idea for another short: Does grain direction matter when picking which side to install those on (to be sure it pivments the correct way for expansion)?

  7. These things are cool and work great. I also use fender washers and a screw. Dremel a slot into the table apron, insert fender washer into slot and screw into top.

  8. The yearly shave…it always throws me off. “something’s different? what is it? oh, David shaved again.”

  9. Why hasn’t my grandfather’s kitchen table not cracked after nearly 80 years? It doesn’t have those metal joining washers. The table top is rigidly mounted to the base.

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