Skillful Hands Processing Woodworking || Special Design Ideas The Living Room’s Furniture

Skilled Hands Processing || Special Design Ideas The Living Space's Furniture
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Skillful Hands || Special Design Ideas The Living Room's Furniture

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  1. ماشاءالله تبارك الرحمن تسلم ايدك عمل فني جميل تحياتي لك من فلسطين

  2. I have limited tools, had to cut 4×4 post, (a precise cut at 39″)
    on my tailgate with no clamps, to keep Handsaw vertical, I placed two pieces of wood, on either side of saw, held with one hand tight to saw, while holding 4×4 down, sawed with other hand. End result, cut was straight enough wood stands on its end, on its own😏

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