I made the sturdiest, lightweight step stool with no fasteners

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Microjig FitFinder:.
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I made a couple easy models of this action stool a year ago with handheld . This time I utilized those concepts to develop this more advanced variation. If you wish to make one, here are the strategies:.



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I made the sturdiest, lightweight step stool with no fasteners

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  1. Yay!

    I’m on day 49 of the lockdown series and am enjoying going through it while I tinker in my shop. Thanks for all you do

    1. Man, I miss the lockdown series. I’m sure it was rough on Steve but it was really enjoyable seeing something new every day.

  2. Steve, Old MeMo Mac from NC here. Sooo very glad to see (and hear) another of your project videos! As always, Thanks for keeping the mistakes in. We ALL make them. I miss the old truck and the tail gate sawhorse..haha! That tablesaw seems to still be doing a good job. My old craftsman still cuts away just fine. Hope to see you again soon.

  3. hahaha i LOVE when you show your mistakes. it’s not only funny, but it also makes me feel better about the mistakes i invariably make. thanks steve

  4. Great video and I already downloaded the plans. This will be my next project. I really hope that I actually follow the plans and not make the exact same mistakes as you. Lol

  5. I love your build videos. I appreciate that you keep it real and honest, that you show your mistakes AND explain how you’re going to correct them. I also liked your ending comment regarding reapplying the tung oil finish in a year or so, rather that just like us, you probably won’t. After all, it’s essentially a piece of shop furniture, and doesn’t have to be ornate, just functional. Great video, Steve. Thank you for sharing it with us. 👍👍😁😁😁

  6. Excellent video!

    The Wood Whisperer recently did a video about applying oil finishes and why flooding is probably not the best way to apply it, it’s worth watching.

  7. Steve, I think you should make a tenoning jig. With one you could’ve cut everything down with 2 cuts and without changing the blade. 😬
    Either way, please don’t stop posting project videos!!!
    Stay safe there with your family! 🖖😊

  8. I have been a subscriber to your channel for quite some time. I think your videos are very well made. I like that you are not afraid to show mistakes which we all make at some time. I also like that you have good tools and a well organized garage shop but do not have all the high end tools that many other woodworker channels use. You have what I feel is very down to earth approach to wood working. Thank you and keep up the good work.

  9. “I’ve committed myself to using this dado stack…” man I know that feeling. I’ve stopped and looked at a better tool for the job and went, “but I’m already using this tool already.” and just kept going. Sometimes it works fine, sometimes I swear I’ll never do that again. I always do it again though.

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  10. Steve, agree that we all appreciate you sharing your mistakes as we have all done something like that on our own projects. At least this was with inexpensive wood and not walnut like a certain wood murmurer likes to use. One option instead of making the stool shorter, you could have notched out the step piece to create a big box joint. Might have looked cool as well since it fits in with the half-lap joinery.

  11. Thanks for this stool upgrade. I built the first one for my granddaughter and she has been using it and is satisfied with it, but I will have to build this ‘Stool 2.0’ version for her. This new one is sleek and cool (like you and I are). Thanks again. I love WWMM project videos!!

  12. Steve, love the channel. Discovered the bow jig, for drawing curves, on a PBS woodworking show. Sorry I don’t remember the name of the show. Looks easy to build and makes drawing uniform curves really easy, fast and without math. I found a video by Wes Hamstra, on YouTube, showing how to make one.

  13. Nice project Steve! I really enjoy these type of videos, and seeing and hearing how relaxed you are I think you enjoy making them too!

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  14. Awesome video, thanks for showing me the errors you did and helping me not to do the same thing. You’ve made detailed plans for this, would they include which step to do 1st, 2nd, etc?

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  15. I absolutely love your channel and have been a viewer for 10 years! Thanks once again for the backwards blade story, I’m glad I’m not alone in having done that (mine was on my 10” bandsaw which I also let my neighbor borrow and he said it cut horrible and he’s never asked to borrow a tool since) 😂. THANK YOU STEVE!

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