Woodturning – Split and Spalted Ash

In this video, I fill a large split in a cool piece of Spalted Ash with epoxy and turn a hollow form. The original strategy was to keep the natural edge on this piece however the bark was loose and I believed it would be much better to spin it and flaunt the filled split.
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and woodworking can be hazardous, When using any tools/machinery constantly check out & comprehend the maker's standards & security guidelines.
The approaches I utilize may not be the safest, so please be responsible for your own safety … My videos are for home entertainment functions just.

Woodturning – Split and Spalted Ash

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  1. What a stunning piece of wood! It looks more like stone. Love the shape and the color of the resin, really lovely, keep going!

  2. I had to Google “spalted”, and I now feel educated as well as artistically entertained! The subtle amount of blue resin really set the markings off a treat. Absolutely beautiful!

  3. 🙂WOOOOOOOOW👍Superb!🙂Stay blessed!👍Keep it up!🙂🙂👍God bless you abundantly forever 🙂🙂Enjoy amazingly blessed weekend 🙂🙂Stay happy and well protected. 🙂🙂

  4. I don’t think that could be improved in any way. The amazing natural patterning of the wood, the perfect contrast of the blue resin stripe. I love the pieces where the wood itself is the subject and you enable it to sing. Coloured pencils and mosaics of different coloured woods are great fun but there the star is the technique. Here it’s all about the wood.

  5. Don’t need to add lightning strikes to this one, nature did it for you! Exquisite!

  6. What a Beautiful piece of wood. Made even more so by your Magic touch. 🥰. I do love Spalted wood.

  7. Not only do I not have to work today, I wake up and see a new video from Andy. Today is going to be a really good day.

  8. Gorgeous piece of wood. Great design. What’s not to love about this? Absolutely beautiful piece.

  9. Beautiful. Split + spalted = splalted? The blue-green vein in it gives it an extra punch of wow. Thank you again for sharing.

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