Woodturning – Olive Oiled

In this video I turn a natural edge from a cool piece of and completed it with mineral oil.

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  1. Thanks for checking out the video, I’m in the process of moving workshop at the moment and have a few things going on in the background so please bear with me if I don’t get a chance to respond or acknowledge comments .. I will hopefully be back up and running soon, Thanks for your support 👍👍

  2. This is a thing of beauty. The moment the grain was revealed for the first time, I knew it would be an outstanding piece. Your artistry is mind-blowing. Thank you again, Mr Phillip.

  3. Love the grain detail in olive wood, can be a real bugger to work with, but when the result looks like that it’s worth it.

  4. What a beautiful piece of wood. I do enjoy your work that makes use of resin, but I like most these deceptively simple natural edge pieces that let the wood speak for itself.

  5. The wood grain in that was absolutely amazing, but the mineral oil really brought it out to a whole new level of stunning! Yet another work of art, in a long line of artistic pieces. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Indeed a very pretty bowl. Unfortunately olive wood tends to turn dark over time when treated with oil. I have treated pens (small) with superglue and that seems to stay the original colour, but a bowl is to large. Kind regards.

  6. That is spectacular! What a gorgeous piece of wood. And, of course, you brought out the very best in it.

  7. fabulous Andy, a beautiful piece of wood to work with, amazing woodgrain before & after the oil finish, love the natural edge!!!

  8. Andy Phillip is the Michelangelo of the lathe, who sees the masterpiece within a chunk of wood and carves until it is set free.

  9. I never knew that olive could look like that. And it looks like there may have been some burl in your piece. I love it

  10. I absolutely love when you hookup on the sides like that, the patterns in the wood brings out the real beauty of the piece.❤️❤️❤️

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