Woodturning – Is it really a waste of pencils?

Here's a fast video of my most current Pencil , I utilized a new batch of pencils on this which turned excellent and weren't bad at smudging but you can most likely tell from the video that they were actually static and stayed with everything including the cam!!

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– Is it really a waste of pencils?

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  1. Colored pencils are used for art… You’re creating art…What’s understood doesn’t need to be explained. 👍

  2. Let me put it this way, Andy. You asking if this is a waste of colored pencils is like Michaelangelo asking if his statue David is a waste of marble. My answer is no, when you create such an incredible piece like this!!

  3. At the beginning of this video I was thinking about a colored pencil donut and to my surprise you actually made one and it turned out remarkably I would love to know how much you saw something like that for

  4. I would love to see something like this done with regular pencils. I’m not sure if the “lead” would turn well, but it would be like a neat desaturated kind of look.

    1. The little white highlights between the orange pencil sections was a nice detail too

  5. Wow! Beautiful, even if it doesn’t do much for my trypophobia 😁 If a pencil had a soul it would want to be turned by you! Certainly not a waste 😊

  6. It’s stunning, mate. There doesn’t have to be a point to art, it’s art!

    I’m not into ornaments, but my husband bought me a gorgeous china greyhound for a couple of birthdays ago. It’s a silver-brindle with white patches and socks, and looks like a cross between my “soul dog”, as people say today, and the last one we had before our current (and sadly, will absolutely be our last) blue boy. As an aside, silver-brindle is a rare colour these days, they tend to be more shades of brown throughout, maybe with darker grey (aka “blue”). This makes my ornament even more special

    As you can imagine, it’s an incredibly important _object d’art_ to me, yet it has no more “right” to shelf space in anyone else’s home than any of your works, no matter the starting materials. (I say “starting” as you seem to perform acts of alchemy on some!) Art is in the eye of the beholder. I think that many an artist in particular, would love one of your pencil sculptures!

  7. Colour pencils are made to make art, and you made a piece of art with them, so you are using them for what they are made for, ART. LOVE IT.

  8. Best design fot the colored pencil glue up. I love you took the time to actually make a symmetrical design with the colors. Incredibly done, as always.

  9. Never a waste – those pencils will be happy they went into something so stunning. BTW I don’t envy the cleanup you probably had to do afterwards – looks like sticky confetti 😬

  10. Это просто чудо какое то! Я поражен. Невероятно! Так держать!

  11. Not a waste at all when you create something extraordinary! I would not have the patience to get the pencils together in the first place 😂

  12. No, I don’t think it’s a waste of pencils!! 😃 I think it’s creative and I love it!! 😃 Great job as usual, Andy!! 😃

  13. Really amazing work, Andy! Stunning piece! 😃
    It’s absolutely not a waste!
    Stay safe there with your family! 🖖😊

  14. I always thing this would be fun to do, then I remember I can barely draw a straight line and don’t have a “steady hand” so instead I’ll just appreciate the work you do, keep it up 🙂

  15. Creativity is not a waste. You use every part of the pencil, just in a different way! As you said previously, you use the shavings to make bricks for the fire. Adaptation is how anything survives! 💕✏️

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