The Eggbox !!

In this video I make a hybrid egg box from Burr and resin. sorry about the thumbnail I couldn't withstand.
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The methods I utilize may not be the safest, so please be accountable for your own security …

The Eggbox !!

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  1. That turned out better than I thought possible. You’ve got quite a bit of artistic talent. What a brilliant work of art. Thank you.

  2. Positively stunning, sir!
    Always am excited to see you’ve posted another vid of your artistic process!

  3. Make a couple more, each one bigger than the previous, and you will have an egg Matryoshka. πŸ˜ƒ

  4. Right, the eggbox. The eggbox by Andy. The eggbox specifically crafted by Andy. Andy’s eggbox.

  5. Ah man, and here I thought you were gonna actually turn an egg carton. The piece looks beautiful and stunning.🀩😍

  6. Beautiful work Sir, and nice twist with the tumbnail – I was like: “How the hell is he gonna do that on a lathe?!!” πŸ€”πŸ˜‚

  7. This is BEAUTIFUL 😍 what kind of wood is the segmented neck piece? Do you have a certain epoxy you use, or just whatever is convenient?

  8. That is absolutely beautiful and adorable! I’ve always loved when u make β€œeggs” and this is definitely a favorite for me. Nicely done πŸ’œ

  9. Excellent egg and egg holder. Have a question: when you were polishing how much pressure do you put on the piece, it appeared like you were using a lot of force? Thank you Andy for great videos!

    1. I would dare to say he is holding it firmly but using very light pressure. Any excessive heat from too much pressure will “smear” the surface.

  10. Not only lovely, Andy, but practical as well! It’s extremely pleasing to me when you choose resin colors that are compatible with the wooden component(s) of your creations.

  11. I honestly thought you was going to turn the egg box you have a good sense of humour. The pot you made was awesome I really love it I’d store my eggs if I could eat more than one or two a month due to an illness I’ve got, I’d most probably store my lunch snack biscits in. Thanks for another masterpiece from an awesome person x

  12. I’ll admit you got me with the thumbnail! This turned out so well! The resin color complimented the burl very nicely! Simply beautiful! ❀️

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