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I will be publishing a video of my latest world later this week, so believed it would be excellent to post the warpspeed variation of the very first world I made which reveals the process I utilize to make them.
complete variation here –

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  1. Oh that is so very pretty. That resin is so luscious it looks like a pearl light and dark blue. Thanks for sharing

  2. I thought it looked familiar. You really have to stand in awe of someone who can draw the continents free hand so accurately. Can’t wait for the next video.

    1. I had a history teacher in junior high that could draw out the continents freehand.
      Very smart teacher but not a nice guy personally
      We once found his bottle of rum hidden in his desk drawer that he made the mistake of leaving it unlocked with students around that didn’t much like him.
      We took the bottle and dumped the rum and refilled it with water.
      Never saw his reaction to this but I can imagine the swearing and mad face lol

  3. I would love to know how you draw the outlines so accurately! Let alone how you get the tools to do such fine work. I love it!

  4. I do like the globe pieces that you make, they’re amazing. Just out of curiosity, how long does it really take to make one of these globes?

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