Creating ‘CARNAGE’ !! Making use of offcuts ..

In this video I make a from different species of offcuts. These offcuts are primarily remaining from the chaos series of pieces I made a while back –

A lot of them were too thin to utilize for much, but were too excellent to get rid of, so I decided to glue them together and take it an action even more and create a '' .

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Creating '' !! Making use of offcuts ..

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  1. Oh Andy, you do love those tedious builds, don’t you. The more parts there are to assemble the better !! Almost as good as cobwebs !! It’s beautiful.

    1. abt 3-4 days ago I recorded a small spider making her web…I totally agree with your comparison there. slightly tedious but so awesome to watch how it all comes together 😍 beautifully!!
      The finished product? Always amazing!!

  2. I’m sure the prep for these types of projects is an absolute bear, but I love seeing all the different colors and woodgrain patterns next to each other!

  3. These jewels of yours are so breathtaking. I love this type of project as all the colors are so gripping and the patterns are mesmerizing. Best wishes.

  4. What a fascinating watch…
    All that glueing, twisting and cutting took such effort and showed amazing attention to detail. I can usually see more or less where you are going with your pieces but each step of that surprised me today.
    How you made sure that every angle was identical was so interesting…πŸ‘

  5. OMG!!! The patience you had to have, and the TIME it must have taken to create this beautiful piece is more than I could possibly imagine ever having either of to do!!! …not to mention the talent that you have to have to make this turn out as beautiful as it is. Great Job!!! …though, IF I were you and able to do what you did, I would have to charge thousands of dollars for such an investment of time and patience alone. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Always amazed that they look so big at start then much much smaller when finished.
    Beautiful form and timber contrasts, top 10 vase list deffo.

  7. If Andy has a wood burning stove I wonder if he buys in logs as nothing seems to go to waste!
    As usual a work of art. Thanks for showing.

  8. You’ve been doing maths again, haven’t you…
    Another beautiful piece from humble beginnings.
    Love the stabilising rig too!

  9. Absolutely stunning! You must have endless patience when it comes to this sort of build, but the outcome is always worth the effort. Just brilliant!

  10. oh wow! I can only imagine how long that took! What patience you have and what a stunning result! ❀️🏴󠁧󠁒󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  11. At first, Im thinking, how can he make a vase out of so little wood….that was a miracle in itself! Then the piece itself is another miracle, don’t know how you work these things out! AMAZING!! ❀

  12. Beautiful as usual. I am just wondering: Is it possible to make a vase that is “totally” random, in other words – without “stacks” or even vertical “pillars.” That should be very interesting. Kind regards.

  13. Amazing work again Andy, thank you for sharing.

    Out of interest, how many of those tiny little pieces were cut and included in the vase? Or did you stop counting at some point?

  14. I love pieces like this with the unique pattern. My favorite part is when you apply the clear coat at the end and the colors pop showing all the detail. Even sped up it’s easy to see the amount of time and effort you put into making it. It’s really beautiful!

  15. You get the most amazing results…FROM WASTE!!! And, of course from everything else you touch. Thank you so much for sharing.

  16. Surpreendente, inteligente, criativo,de bom gosto, isso e tudo mais.
    Muito linda ficou essa peΓ§a, amei demais.πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜—β™₯️🌻

  17. Love this. The most interesting part of the finished piece to me is how the grain in the cap piece still almost gives the appearance of being faceted, while the chaos pieces hide that. Beautiful piece!

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