Lightning Vase #shorts

In this video I turn a Beech knot into a natural edge vessel. I obtained a number of these a while back, you may have seen the very first one I turned. On this one I included some feet and some epoxy resin to the fracture, I completed it with a Mineral oil.

Lightning Vase #shorts

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  1. Looks easy enough, I’ll make 100 in a day ! $$$ Quids in. I got a lathe, but not much wood and zero skill, so 😞

  2. Just coming in to say that I’m sure you were pressured into creating shorts. Sure it drives views and subscribers but not your income. Anyway, if you’re going to make them, please put them in a separate channel. I unsubscribe from channels that fill my subscription feed with shorts, and I’d hate to unsubscribe from you! You do amazing work. Much appreciated.

    1. Thanks for the feedback.. the channel isn’t really worth the effort at the moment so I’m just trying different things to see if the channel picks up ..

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