Clickbait WARNING – I don’t turn it all at once ..

I've been passing this gate post which was decaying in the undergrowth for about 8 months while out cycling, and thought it was about time I took it to the store to see if I might use it to make something. Fortunately it was so there was lots of solid wood to work with and I wound up with 5 functional blanks, this is the first piece of what we might call the gatepost series.
In this video Gate Post # 1 I decided to use the gnarliest blank very first and turn a hybrid hollow kind.

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Clickbait WARNING – I don't turn it all at once ..

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  1. OMG! I couldn’t imagine that such a thing of beauty could have been “hiding inside the gnarly piece of fence post”. WOW! You always amaze me with your vision and talent. Thanks for sharing.

  2. A stunning work yet again. That green is perfect with the oak. I’m still astounded by how much I love your “hybrid” works. I’d have thought (were I just told about it) that I would class them as secondary to the “pure wood” pieces, but no, they’re equally as awesome and have their very own kind of beauty. Can’t wait to see the next 4, regardless of what you’ll do with them!

  3. Absolutely beautiful as always! I really love the resin color and the unique wood pattern because of the piece it was cut from. I already can’t wait to see what you make with the rest of it 💜

  4. Браво мастеру за его кропотливый труд!!! Изделие просто бомбическое!!! 🤝👍

  5. I was scared you would hit a nail at any time, but the turning went so smooth! What an excellent piece of art

  6. From once a tree to a fence post worn and tired and rotting where it be, to a magical work of art. Love it. 👍

  7. I love the look and the colors u used on this one u definitely knocked it out of the park on this one thanks for sharing it with us till next time stay safe

  8. Thanks everyone for checking out my video .. Sorry if you have had replies from someone impersonating me and using my logo but hopefully you realised it wasn’t legit and ignored /deleted it .. Thanks 👍👍

    1. I’m constantly reporting those scammers. It seems like yt takes care of some of them and then they come back like a swarm of locusts.

    2. I like that you don’t usually try to plane or shape the wood into something smooth before you turn it. Sometimes it’s disappointing when a woodturner takes unrefined wood and polishes it before turning-it feels like the soul is gone. The opposite of this feeling is when you made the cauldron comet out of a typical woodturning blank 😂❤

    3. I took them all the way to them asking for money. I took a screen shot of the conversation and told them I will be reporting them. Never heard from them since! 😂

  9. It went through quite the metamorphosis, first a tree, then a fencepost, then a beautiful vase. I love to see things being repurposed.

  10. This is lovely! It just goes to show, you don’t have to use exotic expensive wood to make something beautiful. 👏❤️

  11. The moment I saw what you planned to use, it was REALLY excited to see what the wood looked like under the surface! What a great shape to show off everything it has to offer!

    I’ll be glad to watch the “gatepost” series

  12. For a moment I was thinking you can’t just start turning it au naturel – if ever there was a piece of wood crying out for resin that was it! What a relief when the pouring started. The result is a beautiful shape with a swirl of colour that reminds me of the Northern lights. My impression is that the weirder the piece of wood, the more it appeals to and inspires you – would that be a fair statement?

  13. Andy здравствуйте.
    Вроде бы, два абсолютно разных материала, в природе их не может быть вместе в принципе, просто не возможно, но когда эти структуры соединяются, получается такая красота.

  14. Энди, это очень красивая ваза! 👍 у меня один вопрос, а вы в каске работаете, потому что при обработке такой дряхлой древесины есть вероятность что она расколется.

  15. Whoever said “You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear” was not a woodturner artist. A Beautiful creation 👍👍👍. Thank you for sharing. Be safe 🇨🇦

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