Woodturning – Log to Bowl

In this video I turn a log into a naturel edge . I really didn't want to turn as much wood as I did from this cool piece of , but I simply didn't like the shape/form so I needed to keep turning till the piece felt right.

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– Log to

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  1. Laburnum is indeed a beautiful wood. I recall you recently did another piece in laburnum that was also very striking. The smooth simple shape allows the beauty of the grain to take centre stage.

  2. I love it. I am always in awe of what emerges from your “lumps of wood” and how you see something which isn’t obvious to us. This one was so elegant with is raised sides, beautiful markings and raw edge.

  3. That would make a beautiful fruit bowl. The β€žXβ€œ grain movement on the sides are awesome! Nice work.

  4. It’s interesting to me that while the bowl looks oblong, especially when viewed from the side, if you were to project the shortened edges upward using the same function that produces the longer sides the whole object would be circular at any given height. Just a bit of complex math in motion!

  5. I would love to know how long your pieces actually take. Could you possibly add the total production time in the descriptions?

  6. The grain in this piece is sublime, as is the elegance and balance. Thank you, Mr Phillip.

  7. I just love how the light colored woodgrain flashes on the “X” pattern, like tiger eye stone. This bowl is a really nice shape!

  8. I’d like to know how long your pieces take to make, and if you could include the total production time in the descriptions, that would be fantastic.

  9. Absolutely stunning you have never disappointed me in any turning, it’s so amazingly beautiful masterpiece thanks for sharing.

  10. The grain in this piece is sublime, as is the elegance and balance. Thank you, Mr Phillip.

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