Making a Wood Cat scratcher

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Our felines have actually always been excellent about not scratching our furnishings and instead scratch the things that we have gotten for them that they are supposed to scratch. I have made them 2 wooden cardboard cat scratcher holders. I made these by making a single and cutting it in half at an angle. This provided me a sloped support for the cardboard scratching piece. I did over the knots in the wood and at the corners to strengthen them. The wood is red alder that I reduced a few years earlier and the inlays are walnut. Both felines seem to delight in the scratchers.

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0:00 (introduction).
1:56 (Processing alder).
3:11 (making inlays).
3:36 (The Makers Mob).
4:40 (more inlays).
9:45 (Taylor Tool Works).
10:27 (making package).
15:55 (making the frame).
21:04 (conclusion).

Making a Wood Cat scratcher

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