Drill Press Camera Jig

I have made a that holds a little video camera to the quill. The permits the cam to go up and down with the of the . When taking a video by doing this, the appears to stay stationary and the workpiece moves up and down. It is slightly more fascinating than simply pointing a video camera at the drill press while drilling something. #shorts

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  1. My favorite things to say when I used to work out on the shop floor:
    While taking pilot holes out to full size, “Gosh, this is so boring.”
    While vacuuming up the chips, “This part of the job just sucks.”
    While bucking/driving rivets, “This is the most riveting part of my day.”

    Why didn’t everyone laugh with me?…

  2. Love the ‘boring’ video and the result! I don’t comment often, but I always enjoy your cleverness in both your projects and filming. Happy New Year!

  3. Would love it if one of the draws was labelled with “cheese straws” and you briefly open it and there’s just there’s perfectly lined up cheese straws on each of the sections, then you close the draw without selecting anything

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