From a Cheap Bluetooth Radio Into Stunning Fine Furniture

Refacing a tailoring a bluetooth speaker with walnut. For 10% off your very first purchase, go to:

Wood provided by Kencraft:

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Tools and Supplies Used (Affiliate Hyperlinks).
Bluetooth Speaker:.
Miter Saw:.
Large Bandsaw:.
Drum Sander:.
Thick Foam:.
Table Saw:.
Hot Glue Gun:.
Extended Time Glue:.
Vacuum Bag:.
Drill Press: Drill Press:.
Little Bandsaw: Little Bandsaw:.
CA Glue:.
Stepcraft CNC:.
Rayjet R400 Laser Cutter:.

T-shits, books and strategies:.

From a Cheap Bluetooth Radio Into Stunning Fine Furniture

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  1. I really enjoy watching your videos! Your shop is wicked clean! I draw inspiration from many of your videos. I have been been a woodworker for 45 years and I learn something from your videos almost everything! I just wanted to thank you. Keep up the awesome work

  2. I love this video and the build! It’s like the Goodwill builds, only more expensive.

  3. I love these kind of videos. Take something ordinary and make it awesome. Really great job.

  4. Love your work.That looks fantastic.
    Your bandsaw book was a great inspiration for me, now every time I tell the missus I’ve got wood, she doesn’t run as far 😂

  5. Ive had that bluetooth speaker for 2 years now, sounds great and its been really good value for money

  6. This video has a different vibe and I like it! Reminds me of your older videos. The housing is beautiful by the way.

  7. The walnut badge on the front of the amp cloth is the icing on the cake. Very nice work.

  8. Terrific project David and I am so glad that Walnut defines your style! 👍👍🔨🔨

  9. One thing I love about your channel is that you never do the same thing twice, or if you do, you never do it the same way. Also you show me just enough detail to understand what you’re doing, so if I wanted to try it myself, I absolutely could. Great video and fun project! Thanks for sharing!

  10. The walnut badge and the clip from Making It were the awesome. Love your style.

  11. The entire video I kept hearing, “We’re having fun here! Can’t we have fun here?”

    The project turned out great!

  12. Ever since your flip click video I’ve been wanting to do this to something around my house. I’ve got to try this with something. Always inspiring.

  13. Looks awesome. I love the fact you can see straight through the bottom hole. The whole time I thought it would sit on the hump of the w and love that it doesn’t.

  14. “I’m going to make it my style.

    I don’t really know what my style is, but it usually involves walnut.”


  15. 6:58 you managed to bring woodworking into being a DJ with the turn tables, 😂

  16. I really like these videos you do. You take such a generic looking box and you elevate it to an unheard of level. And match this with your trying to personally push yourself to try new methods and technique. Thanks for bringing us along with this journey.

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