Clean up your plywood cuts with these tricks! #shorts

3 methods to avoid remove while at the . No need to purchase extra blades and waste time swapping them out. A fantastic for successful projects!

Clean up your cuts with these tricks! #

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  1. I hate switching out blades also. I usually use the paint trick but think I will try the lower blade method then raise to finish the cut. I can save money on tape 😂

  2. engineer a way to mount a blade sticking out of the table insert so the it cuts the fibers right before the blade, similar to a saw with a scoring blade

    1. Higher end saws have a mini blade that does this kinda thing. But your idea – hmmm – could make a zero clearance insert with a mat knife blade holder…

    2. @EJ Ciramella yes that is what is called a scoring blade, it works similar to lowering the blade but better because it runs in the opposite direction so the teeth cuts entering the wood instead of exiting

  3. Hey, David. This is a quick and helpful tip. I always seem to be in too big of a hurry when I’m in my shop. I try to remember to apply some blue or masking tape, but I often forget even though you have mentioned this tip several times in your videos. Now, I have another great tip to forget. I will try to remember to use this ‘two cut method’ when I’m cutting plywood. Thanks for a plethora of helpful woodworking tips like this through the years. I appreciate them all even if I behave like I’ve never heard them. Thanks for the video.

  4. I’ve never had any success with the knife scoring (time consuming and I’m not all that skilled), the tape seems to have limited success, and is expensive .. but I’ve never seen that low blade cut tip before … going out to the shed to try it now! So excited.

  5. Great tips, David. I’m going to be making some new cabinets and tool stands for my shop soon, so this will come in handy. Now, if I just remember to do them…

  6. Ha! I love tips like that. It’s always like “how did I not think of this?” Thanks for the info!

  7. I never heard that third tip ever before! What a great tip. Will be using soon for a current build I started today. Thank you. Also I don’t usually like the shorts EXCEPT for yours. So well done and so beneficial.

  8. You can also use a zero clearance insert which also effectively supports the fibers while the blade is cutting through

  9. never thought to do a pre-cut for the veneer layer, brilliant. there are so many other people on youtube that run their blades at full height all the time it’s hard to watch 🙁

  10. I used to work for a small joinery shop family run business and they had a table saw with a pre cut blade and that was such a time saver but now I’m in my own little shop and I don’t have that luxury system and I miss it so much

  11. I feel like it’s rare to hear a tip that hasn’t been repeated 1000 times before on different channels, and this is absolutely a rare moment. Simple and effective. I’ll give it a try.

  12. This is why scoring blades on sliding table saws are so awesome. Especially if you’re going to do a lot of cabinetry or ply furniture

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