Building a Grand Director’s Desk and Chair: A Woodworking Journey. Woodworking Skill

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Join us on a motivating journey into the world of workmanship as we showcase the precise procedure of producing a spectacular executive desk and chair set. See the devotion and accuracy of gifted young carpenters as they change raw wood into a spectacular masterpiece suitable for a director's office. From comprehensive style preparing to professional building methods, this video uses a peek into the artistry and ability behind every curve and finish. Experience the enthusiasm for and the fulfillment of seeing a grand vision come to life in this captivating display of
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Building a Grand Director's Desk and Chair: A Woodworking Journey.

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  1. Супер! Массивный, крепкий и красивый стол – вечный стол!

  2. The workmanship is very skilled BUT the quality of wood seems poor (? SOFTwood which is not suitable for a table that gets lots of use) and the finish is TERRIBLE! Why not fill in all the joints, cracks, knots and holes with woodfiller? – it would make SUCH a difference in appearance. The back-rest of the chair even has a square hole/piece missing and looks awful. I would NOT pay for this unless I knew it would be such poor quality from the start

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