Making a simple, unadorned, valuable keepsake box from FREE pallet wood

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a simple, unadorned, valuable keepsake box from FREE pallet

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  1. Great commentary on both the process and the material selection. And, as ever – it’s great to learn yet more new (to me) techniques.

    Thanks for so many years of helping me learn.

  2. Love these videos, they kinda remind me of the lockdown period (the good side of it). You made a similar box during that time. Loved that video too.

  3. Great commentary on pine. Though it is thought of as easy to work with, I’ve always found pine deceptively difficult. It sands well, and takes a finish well, but lacking sharp tools, it is highly susceptible to tearout (especially when turning). It takes patience and finesse to competently apply stains or dyes because of the tendency toward blotchiness. Though harder than many “hardwoods,” it is nonetheless fairly soft, and can flex/warp during construction, making it that much more important to use good technique throughout the project to ensure squareness. Sap and pitch must be accounted for and dealt with. Being such a light-colored wood, it also picks up and shows dirt and other gunk if your careless when sitting a piece down. The light color also highlights dents and dings, which often show as shadows, that darker woods might hide (this also makes your bevels and reveals stand out, which is nice). And finally, a LOT of people really prefer darker woods, which often means more work in the finishing process to somehow darken the wood.
    If you can build a beautiful, quality project out of pine, I contend that you can do the same with just about any wood.

  4. This is, without a doubt, going on my favorite diy video list. Great commentary, warm videography, and useful information. I felt like a neighbor of yours, dropping by to see what you were up to today. Thank you, Sir. I’ve learned so much from you over the years. I am forever in your debt. You are an inspiration.

  5. Steve, I love your content, your personality and your perspective on woodworking. I hope the world’s stupid comments haven’t jaded you…yet. I wouldn’t blame you if it has. But, please know, your loyal fans, like myself, are still with you. I started woodworking after watching your videos, and still going strong. Thank you for making woodworking videos. Thank you for your honesty and real world perspective on woodworking. Thank you for being you.

    1. I couldn’t agree more about everything said. There are many decent woodworkers. But, a good man. That’s undersupplied. Deeply undersupplied.

  6. Steve, I consider myself a regular viewer and would like to personally request more projects like this! Keep it up pal!

  7. Hey Steve, I’ve been a fan and regular viewer since, well, actually that basic box video from a few years ago you mentioned, and I just wanted to say that the outro here was perhaps one of your best. Something about the cadence as well as content of what you’re saying, coupled with some superb shorts just really worked and felt for a moment like the end of a world class documentary. Fantastic as usual.

  8. I’ve followed you for years now, and I love the change in direction of your video style. This is one of your best yet. Keep up the good work!

  9. Smaller (physically) I find more challenging then larger ones as the imperfections are easy to sand or cut out while smaller projects really show any imperfections. I do like the small box you made, very nice.

  10. Every time my notification goes off letting me know that you’ve put out another video, I get a child-like excitement over what creation and/or informative video you’ve created. I enjoyed the video and the explanations for what and why you took the steps you did. Beyond that, I enjoyed your reminder to practice the fundamentals with “simpler” projects because those fundamental skills have the knack for turning up in even the most “unrelated” projects. And when those situations arise, I am always thankful I took the time to practice and learn those skills. Keep putting out the quality content you are known for, because it helps and influences all of us, your subscribers, regardless of our knowledge or skill level. Thank you! 😁

  11. I love that you went outside, set up the camera facing the garage and then went back inside to the garage to hit the door open for the dramatic entrance. That’s a chef’s kiss, my friend. A true dedication to the craft.

    1. You don’t think he just left it running all night in preparation for the morning’s entrance? ;-p

  12. Loved it mate. Glad to see you making good old fashioned projects again. I thought I’d invented the finishing with brown paper idea. I find if you rub hard enough it heats up the finish and almost bakes it silky smooth. Keep on keeping on my friend, you’ve got many, many avid viewers out there to entertain and educate.

  13. Great video as always ❤ I’ve only been in the practice of woodworking for about 6 months. Your channel was the second one I started watching, but quickly became my favorite because of your approach, sense of humor, and all around style of “teaching”. Thank you for sticking with this for so long, and giving newbies like me a place where we can be inspired and informed without feeling intimidated by our own lack of experience or equipment. 🙏 We love you, Mr. Ramsey, and thank you again!
    Also, damn fine box, my man👌

  14. what an absolute joy of a video this was. it felt like a video essay for the love of pine boxes. i really like this format Steve!

  15. This video brings me such joy. Watching you go through the process of a project like this in long format is something I’ve definitely been missing. Simple is the best. Ringo was never flashy, but he always held the song together.

  16. I have so missed these wonderful build videos from you. You are so terrific and such a great teacher, narrator, videographer, and woodworker. Just The Best.

  17. I really enjoyed this style of video. You still gave lots of great info, but it was very calm and relaxing, with lots of reflection and perspective.

    I might have to try some spray lacquer on raw pine. I usually stain pine because I don’t like the harsh white tones, but that box has a beautiful warm tone to it ive never seen on new pine. Great project!

  18. I just finished a large cabinet/shelf combo made out of construction pine that I milled into flat, straight pieces of the needed dimensions. Glad to hear it should age well. And something like what you did here is a great idea for all the scraps I have left over from that project. 🙂

  19. The two last videos have a kind of National Geographics feeling to them, with Steve commenting. “Here you can see the Mere Mortal in its natural habitat.” 🙂

    Thank you Steve, I learn so much from your videos. You should see all the stuff I made in the last 6 months from your plans and ideas. Keep on making them!

  20. I have watched your channel for a while and appreciate your teaching. I made my first box today as a drawer for my moving cabinet; it is for the table saw, inspired by one of your videos. But, oh boy, it was so difficult to get it done right. I still have a lot to practice. As I watched this video, I remembered a video you taught about making a box is fundamental to working on many projects; now I understand what you mean by making my first box.

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