An orange garden bench

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An orange garden bench

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    1. @coda creator You didn’t ask for a guess, but I’ll throw in mine anyway of 15 degrees. (0:10)

  1. I love your continued willingness to explore and experiment with the trends of the platform.

    How did you find the process of distilling an entire project down to a 60-second summary?

  2. I just assumed that a fruit would be involved in some way… I was wrong, yet not disappointed.

  3. That could be the bench you use at HomeDepot while waiting for a staff member’s help.

  4. when did you make your tools multi-colored? did you just spray paint them? How did you keep the paint from getting in the venting areas of the tools?

  5. Hope you waited for the paint to dry before sitting on it 🤣 Always love your video’s Steve, especially the how to use workshop tools 🙌

  6. That paint color looks like it really might just be called ‘orange’, which would be refreshing and even a novel/retro idea these days.

  7. This is news to me Steve!!! I’ve been watching you for well over a decade and I had no idea you had an orange garden! Isn’t that called an orchard, or orangechard in the case. Nice to have a bench for it now.

  8. Why does this feel like another experiment? Like, last time you put out the long video first and then a shorts following up. I saw this and was like, “oh, did I miss a long video?” but there is none. I am now appropriately hyped for it whenever it arrives.

    Mr. Ramsey conducting psych studies on his audience xD

  9. I’m curious why you spray painted your lime green brand drill and driver but not your orange brand circular saw.

  10. Cool. I roughly followed your build, and just built one for our backyard as an end table…
    I used pressure treated wood…

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