I upgraded Cobra & Bubbles’ playground

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I upgraded Cobra & Bubbles' playground

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  1. Hi, Steve! Every time I think about your catwalk, I think about Right Said Fred 😂

    If the cats don’t end up visiting the box often, you could try flipping it over. I know some cats that like simple slabs of wood or platforms.

  2. You never cease to amaze me with your awesome ideas Steve. I’m so glad I stumbled across your channel all those years ago. When I think back at people that inspired me to start my channel I can’t help but think of you. Thank you again for all of your hard work and I will be Adding something similar to my office very soon. Make On my Friend. Maker 238

  3. “Cats aren’t that powerful.”
    Woodworking Cats around the world just flicked their claws in unison. Be careful Steve… be very careful…

  4. Wow, these two cats hit the ‘Feline Lottery Jackpot’ when you adopted them!
    This was a fun video. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  5. Fantastic work, Steve! 😃
    Cats and boxes ❤
    Stay safe there with your family! 🖖😊

  6. I made a scratch pole for my daughter’s cat and use 75 metres (236 feet) of 6mm (¼”) sisal and it took me just under 6½ hours to glue it all on. I’m now making a new one for her new house and it will take even more sisal and time due to the blasted cat growing bigger than the vet said.

  7. Now I’ve seen it all: a woodworking video where they use double-sided carpet tape to actually stick down carpet.

  8. Looking forward to making a catio (cat patio) this summer – the directions for scratching posts was great!

  9. That whole thing is really cool, Steve. For a box, maybe they would be more interested in an empty Amazon box that a fancy cat toy came in. haha.

  10. Do you have any olive wood for making something for the cat room? It contains an acid they really love.

  11. Instead of the wooden box try a cardboard box, but it has to quite small – cats love to squeeze into small boxes 😉

  12. The two different musics for the two cats is brilliant – gets me every time lol

  13. Snapping a tape measure 10.000 times? That sounds like a great idea, I think you should make a video on it, I bet it would be really successfull!
    (I enjoyed that video a lot and I think you enjoyed making it too :D)

    Those cats are adorable, I laughed out loud at the part with the cats lying in various surface and Cobra was lying between two rocks. “comfortable” 😀

    That’s just so cat-like, they climb in the stuff when you are deciding to disassemble the box 🙂

  14. Normal wood glue works fine with sisal rope too. Just put a thick layer on the post and wind on the rope.

  15. Thank you Steve for another wonderful catification video. This brought a smile to my face on a day I really needed one. And thank you Bubbles and Cobra for being awesome special guest stars!

    PS – I have noticed, with my girls, that moving toys around can make a difference between “completely ignored” and “completely ignored”. I wonder if they’d play with the contemplation box if it were somewhere else – maybe somewhere wall mounted? And if not you can always toss it later.

  16. Had no idea you were a cat fanatic!! Makes you even better! Love watching your stuff!

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