Woodturning – Red Planet Donut

Here's a short video of me making a hybrid /. Its made from a piece of Birch and resin coloured with mica powders. The resin on this kind of looks like the Red World.

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– Red Planet

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  1. Man how cool is that? The doughnuts are my favorite, especially when the resin is a little more clear. I love that this video doesn’t waste time with chatting and just does his thing. Great work buddy.

  2. You never disappoint, another beautiful piece. In this one the resin looks like fire.

  3. Man it’s been awhile since I’ve seen any donut content. Absolutely beautiful.❤️🍩

  4. Wow Andy!! This is incredible! I love the colors. I’ve said a couple of times that when you work with colors, we are in for a treat and once again you do not disappoint! Great job Maestro!!

  5. I love where the resin meets the wood , so beautiful and always a pleasure to watch a master at work . Best wishes .

  6. Love the doughnut! The wood color and resin are in perfect contrast which make it very beautiful. I can’t wait to see what you create next! 💜

  7. a stunning piece of art Andy, the high polish finish appears to glow like the red planet!!!

  8. i love the way you film your work, i find all the sounds quite relaxing for some reason. the end product is pretty great too i suppose 😀

  9. As usual, another beautiful piece of display art. I really love the color combination and wood grain.

  10. Quite stunning. The colors combined with gorgeous wood grains makes for a spectacular piece of artwork. What a conversation piece. Thank you for sharing Andy. 💕😊💕

  11. I have been craving a doughnut for a week. Although this did not fill my craving it is still very beautiful.

  12. Andy, really love the colour you mixed in this one. And of course you would have made a stand for it. Beautiful piece ! Love it!!!

  13. What a delightful, pleasing, eye-catching piece! One side of the donut prompts me to think of the chambered nautilus, and with the display stand you created, enabling reversal and rotation, display options/aspects for the donut are virtually endless. Thank you for employing color compatible resin, Andy, and choosing to eschew the blue goo.

  14. Dude, the amount of skill and time it takes to make something like this really shows. What a beautiful piece. Great job!

  15. I think this is one of my all time favorites that you’ve done. Just gorgeous!

  16. Красивое сочетание дерева со смолой-прелесть!Удачи вам в вашем творчестве!

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