My worst performing videos of 2022 which are some of my favourite’s !!

Here's a montage of my worst carrying out videos of 2022 which interestingly enough consists of a couple of my preferred videos from the year, the first and the last. Thanks for supporting the channel and I hope you all have a fantastic 2023 …
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My worst performing videos of 2022 which are some of my favourite's !!

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  1. Here’s a montage of my worst performing videos of 2022 which funnily enough contains a couple of my favourite videos from the year, the first and the last.. Thanks for supporting the channel and I hope you all have a great 2023…

    1. Worst performing videos? Not possible Andy. YouTube has done something this year, which has changed the way people create and find their favourite videos. Every piece you have created and shared with us is something to be cherished. We cannot wait to see what you have in store for us in 2023😀

    2. Thanks so much Sean .. Yes YT has definitely done something, mine and Matt Jordan’s channel have both been negatively effected .. very frustrating

  2. Ever since I discovered you, I’ve watched every video with a great deal of pleasure. Before arthritis took hold of my hands, I used to knit and embroider, the latter often done with single threads and the smallest possible needles and with tremendous efforts to be so tidy that you couldn’t tell the back from the front without looking closely. I have tried painting but I am a good enough embroiderer to know that I’m a lousy artist! This takes away some of the pleasure I get, but I do love to see colours mixing and blending (it’s probably why I appreciate your acrylic hybrids so much).

    Though I know next to nothing about wood turning, my own experience tells me that a) you are exceptionally talented, and b) you have a great deal of patience! All I can say is that those who missed these are the worse off for it because I got as much pleasure out of these as of the rest. I think my favourite is the “jade” hybrid vase. It looks so like the stone (ex-geology student, I’m a sucker for a beautiful stone lol) that it would take more than a glance to realise that you hadn’t somehow joined that beautiful wood to a jade vase!

    Many thanks for the hours of pleasure you’ve given me and many more. I wouldn’t take the viewing numbers personally, sometimes people don’t get the opportunity to watch something they otherwise would, and by the time they can come back to YT, your video has dropped below a whole bunch of others. I know that on a couple of other channels, I have been unsubbed by YT or remained subbed but not been notified. So it’s possible that these videos were affected by those types of problems. Over time, as you gain new followers, you’ll find old video view numbers rise as they binge watch your entire channel (like me!)

    Have a fantastic & prosperous new year; keep safe and sound, and enjoy your wonderful craft 🤗

  3. LOL you make me Laugh ! your worst video of 22 has probably done better than my best video, great Idea going with the worst performing though, Happy New Year Andy !

    1. Lol… same to you Doug… not sure if you had the same problem but something happened in April to massively effect my channel..mine and Matt Jordans pretty much died overnight!! If it wasn’t for my loyal subs who watch and comment regularly I would have probably packed it in ..

    2. @Andy Phillip Woodturning Yes same thing for me as well, I lost about 2/3rd my income about that time, and just like you my core viewers kept me going, I’ve taken months off, but they bugged me to come back, I believe it’s even happened to Nick Z, and he posted he was quitting then came back,

  4. Andy, like I said some while ago, you truly are the wizard of Woodturning. Whatever you hold, you turn into gold. Pond intended. Thank you for sharing those breathtaking spins.

  5. Although it was enjoyable to watch you craft the 6 pieces in this video, Andy, those I’d gladly grant pride-of-place display in my home are #1, #3, and #6.

  6. All your turned pieces are wonderful works of art. It’s not you Andy, it’s the YouTube algorithm. It hasn’t been good for many other creators either.

    1. Thanks Lynn 👍… yes something happened with the algorithm in April which massively effected my channel .. this year I gained 56k subs upto April then lost about 10k since

  7. Happy new year Andy, I wish you the best for you and your family. Thank you so much for the inspiration you give and the drive I get to continue in my pursuit in woodworkering. I know I said last year I’d get a lathe and start practicing again, and thoiugh I wasn’t able to last year due to my financial situation. But I won’t give up and I’m going to try again this year and I’m going to try and get things organized so I can get a shop garage going.❤🎆🎇🎉🎊

  8. I find myself mesmerized by your video and admire the skill with which you can look at a piece of wood and picture what the end result will look like. Long may you continue. Have a fabulous 2023

  9. Though some people may not have liked these videos, always remember that you are a master of your art and that you produce creations that us lesser mortals can only stare at in awe.
    Happy new year to you and yours.

  10. Really curious, with #2 for example, why do you mould such a large amount of additional epoxy if the final form is going to have so much of it taken off?

    1. It would be great to have moulds that are closer to the finished shape but that’s very rarely possible and half the time I’m not sure what the finished shape will be

  11. I did feel a sense of deja vu a few times, but I can’t imagine why there are less popular. Awesome work, thanks for all you do.

  12. I truly enjoy your work and your creativity. I learn from your artistic problem solving in every video, and I look forward to learning even more.

  13. Aw, what’s not to love about little round hollow form? It’s probably my favorite from this year! I also really liked the thin one with legs. That was a lovely burl, and the form ended up looking like a big splash of liquid wood. ❤

  14. I love all of your videos, Andy. 2022 wasn’t a bad year per se, but knowing there was a new Andy Phillip video each week sure went a long way in brightening my spirits. Here’s to 2023 being a continuation of your creativity and craftsmanship. Cheers.

  15. I can’t imagine any of these not performing well. The pieces are all gorgeous! I do agree the first and last are definitely the best, I would love to own that first piece, but I would be thrilled to own any piece with your name on it. Everything you create is amazing!

  16. I can’t believe these weren’t popular Andy! I was mesmerised and I adore anything that is turned from a burl. Keep up the great work and I hope you have a happy and healthy 2023. 🎉

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