The Big Bowl That Took 7 Years to Woodturn

Invite to my newest YouTube video where I display my newest woodturning task – a simple box older bowl. 7 years back, one of my viewers reduced their tree and provided me the . I've been waiting for the ideal moment to turn it into something special.
I started by cutting the into bowl blanks with a chainsaw, some of which I shaped entirely with the chainsaw while others I utilized a band saw to cut pieces for the lathe. From there, I turned many of these into bowl roughs and finally chosen turning the most significant piece into a finished bowl.
To start, I reattached the chuck to the bottom of the bowl with the assistance of my maker. With this, I was able to cut a perfectly round circle into the bottom of the bowl to assist the chuck grip it securely on the lathe. When that was done, I ended up turning the bowl on the lathe, sanded it, and used a coat of walnut oil as a surface. I let this dry for several days before re-sanding the bowl with my random orbital sander and 400 grit sandpaper.
To finish off, I wiped off the sawdust with mineral spirits and included a second coat of walnut oil, leaving the bowl with a stunning finish. The end outcome is a stunning box elder bowl that I'm happy to have actually developed. Thanks for seeing and don't forget to hit that like button and subscribe for more woodturning content!

Tools utilized in this task can be found at

Woodturning tools:.

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0:00 (intro).
1:25 (rough turning).
3:57 (surface turning).
8:59 (completing).

The Big Bowl That Took 7 Years to Woodturn

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  1. Frank, very nice Frank.
    Eu te acompanho aqui de Londrina City, Paraná state, Brasil.
    Aprendo muito com seus vídeos…continue.

  2. Hey Frank love the content!! Have you tried making cereal bowls for the kids?? With some crazy designs

  3. Frank – have you ever thought about using a length of piano wire to try to match the curve inside the bowl? This might be able to show you high spots a bit easier

  4. Depending on the size, you could probably get a foam interface pad for that sanding disc to help with the edges digging in. I found some for my 5” random orbit sander

  5. I really like the look of how you brought the rim to a pointed edge. It makes it look very refined.

  6. I saw on Steve Ramsey’s channel that you’ve been on YouTube since 2006. I got hooked on you with the stop-motion of your chairs running around the yard & then your shop build. I haven’t missed a video since. I love the voice overs & your thought processes. Your family in the vids gives us some perspective of your life. Keep ’em coming, I’ll be waiting!

  7. What would it really take to get the CNC to carve the inside of the bowl? Have you done those calculations in the past? I’d be intrigued to know how much extra effort it would take, knowing each piece is unique in size and shape.

  8. Thanks for sharing! So what direction is the grain running? Do you try to have the grain of the wood running in a certain direction when turning a bowl or does it not matter?
    Thanks again.

  9. One idea, maybe…. To rough cut the green wood into a round shape you could use your faceplate as the center on the band saw. You just need a peace of plywood that is thick enough to receive the dowel end of the faceplate. In this way your bandsaw cut will end up much closer to round… Just an idea….
    Nice work by the way!! I like to listen to your voice!

  10. great job, Frank, as always… could you be so kind to share the name of 3M mask you use while turning?

  11. I’ve been watching you for quite a few years (maybe not when you started this bowl, but close!). Do you ever sell the pieces you make? That box elder bowl is lovely!

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