Making a Wooden Coffee Mug Isn’t as Easy as It Looks

Making mugs that is food safe and will keep your coffee hot! Brought to us by Squarespace. For 10% off your very first purchase, go to:

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★ TOOLS/ SUPPLIES USED IN THIS JOB ★ (Affiliate Hyperlinks).
Coffee machine:.
Coffee Grinder:.
Yeti Design Mugs:.
Whiskey Stainless Mugs:.
Drill Press:.
Drill Bit:.
Lathe Tools:.
Little Bandsaw:.
Disc Sander:.
Overall Boat Epoxy:.
Adhesive Sandpaper:.
Shark Router:.
Dowel Centers:.
Rayjet R400 Laser Cutter:.
Foot Powered Grinder:.
Floppy Sander:.


Making a Isn't as Easy as It Looks

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  1. For that dremel tool and ergonomics, would wrapping it in pipe insulation help you maintain dexterity while adding support?

  2. Man those all look so good. Having watched both of your older videos seeing how smoothly you ran through these was nice though I kept waiting for the foolishness to derail your progress. So glad it didn’t though. No bad shop spirits to wreak havoc today!

  3. It was fun to watch the old ones simply because of how much you learnt over the years, and how you overcame the previous problems (mostly by doing the same thing, but correctly). Skull mug is of course my favorite one here.

  4. The most expensive day in the shop video is amazing. BUT the behind the scenes talk on Making It adds a new level to David’s frustration. I can’t remember if it’s in the regular show or after show, so go ahead and sign up for the Patreon to be safe.

  5. Love your videos! You are honest and make woodworking look so fun! I liked this process and want to make some of these. I liked the setup you had with carving between the two fans. I’ve made kuksas but it’s still a challenge getting them to hold hot liquid.

  6. Knew you you get there, didn’t know they would turn out so great!
    The worst shop day video will have your stomach in knots if you normally take good care of your tools.

  7. I’m so glad yo revisited this project… the one a year ago always felt like it was unfinished…. Now it’s redeemed

  8. Beautiful work, Dave! Stunning coffee mugs!!! 😃
    I would love to find those internal parts with lid here in Brazil… But I’m going to keep looking for them!
    Anyway, stay safe there with your family! 🖖😊

  9. There are a million woodworking skills I could learn from this channel. But the thing I admire the most is how adventurous and experimental you are. I get paralyzed by choice and refuse to venture out of my comfort zone with my wood working.

  10. The title of this should be Coffee Mug Redemption. That one last year was rough, this one produced several winners. I think they all look kinda cool. Rule #4 may be the most important one. Congrats on the victory here. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Great idea! This would make great gifts! I also think I may try this with my high school woodworking class for when they don’t have an assignment or project to work on.

  12. As someone that does cups and mugs on a lathe, the step up method is the best for ensuring a clean hole. Also the type of but you have will have wobble, due to the carbide being wider than the rest of the bit. Normal forstners don’t have that issue commonly.

  13. These look great. It’s so cool to see you revisiting “failed” projects, using what you learned and making absolutely fantastic mugs

  14. A whiskey cup is something I’ve always wanted to make as well as a coffee mug. Definitely gonna use this video to give it a go. Thanks David. PS I always get a chuckle to myself when I see your fan from one of my favorite video series you do.

  15. Very great to see you finally get you coffee cups made that you can use and it didn’t cost you a bunch of money to fix your tools. Great video as always

  16. I’m glad you conquered the coffee mug build. I was wondering if this wasn’t going to be a replay of the worst day in your shop with the large drill bit but it was great to see you pull it off!! Got to say I’m very jelly of your band saw skills – I’d have destroyed my mug doing it free hand! The sandpaper on the curve – genius!! These are some of the reasons why I love this channel!

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