Wood Carving – Tesla Cybertruck (Tesla Truck) – Woodworking Art

is an uniquely created, extremely special car of the popular electrical car business Tesla. Tesla truck, I got a lot of demands from my audience to make it out of an all- version. And now I've completed it the all- Tesla Cybertruck. In this video, I want to share the process of making a wood Tesla Cybertruck to provide to my dear audience. Thank you very much!


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– Tesla Cybertruck (Tesla Truck) –

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  1. Ah man this is nice . Do you do commissions? If so how does one go about making a request ? I would love something In the 1/10 scale variety

  2. Кибертрак класс супер спасибо большое за труду можете зробить Додж челенджер демон

  3. He is sooooo 👌 👏 👍 😍 💖 🆒️ 👌 👏 👍 😍 💖 awesome

  4. Amazing model. Building it helps me understand the design and features the pickup has. I like the telescoping tailgate.

    I hope you know it’s a pure electric vehicle…. So it doesn’t go vroom! And spew smoke.

    Great video though

  5. This looks so cool🤩. And also I think your videos will be better if you put a music on them

  6. I like it very much. The wooden models of the vehicles with angular design look nice.My master, I expect you to carve the Renault Magnum model out of wood. this truck is a vehicle with straight lines.

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