Mr.Van Woodworking Design Beautiful Wooden Decorate Living Room || Extremely Ingenious Worker Skills

Mr.Van Latest Design Beautiful Wooden Decorate Living Room ||
Contact order: 0948130999 Mr.Văn Hai Duong province, VIET NAM
Extremely Ingenious Worker & Amazing Techniques || Luxury Wooden Wall Decorate Living Room
with 100% Monolithic Doussie Wood carved Extremely Delicately by Ingenious Mr Van and His Team, Amazing Beautiful Furniture Surely You Have Never Seen…
Thi công Lắp đặt vách trang trí phòng khách, Phòng Thờ, Phòng bếp bằng 100 % Gỗ Gõ đỏ Gỗ Gõ đỏ Nguyên khối được người thợ mộc khéo léo chạm khắc vô cùng tinh xảo và lắp ráp chắc chắn, tỉ mỉ, và sắc nét…
Mr Đình Văn và Đội ngũ! Liên Hệ: 0948130999
"Công trình này tại Kim Thành Hải Dương"
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  1. Wood working❤️I love how much time you puts into your vids Content getting better every vid, love watching

  2. Here in Brazil, the laws prevent the cultivation of wood a lot, as long as it is forest management, do you also have these types of laws in your country?

  3. Is it Mr. Van who is in the olive-green shirt? Great guy. So knowledgeable.
    Ps. Is it safe to smoke inside a workshop like this?

  4. How much nowadays do CNC machines facilitate work with ornaments? In the past, months were spent doing woodcuts by hand, today one program can be used countless times. Incredibly beautiful to the eye!Quality 100%

  5. Glad to see Mr. Van’s crew back at it! This current project is absolutely stunning. Wow, wow!!!

  6. (23/Nov/22) extraordinario estos trabajadores. Me extraña mucho que los trabajadores chinos laboren en el suelo y he vistos en otros videos, que estas labores las realizan en el suelo y muchas veces, descalzos. Acaso en China no existen leyes laborales que protejan la seguridad y salud de los trabajadores, acaso las autoridades al ver este tipo de videos, no fiscalicen el cumplimiento de disposiciones que “ existirían”, presumiblemente.

    1. @Edwin Morales (23/Nov/22) Hola tocayo, es cierto, pero cómo puede ser cultural trabajar a “pata pelada”. No me cuadra esa situacion

    2. @edwin Andrewartha Amigo las regulaciones y condiciones de trabajos para los jornaleros en el país no están reguladas como en US y para lo que le pagan $150 a $200 al mes.

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