This springtime garden bench is easy to make with basic power tools

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In this YouTube video, I'm revealing the process of a lively and long lasting garden bench best for springtime, utilizing simply 7 2×4 studs.

Key knowing points from the video:.

— Selection of Products: Stresses the significance of picking kiln-dried, heat-treated 2x4s for toughness and very little moisture content.
— Attention to Information: Highlights the requirement to pick the very best boards and edges for the seat to guarantee comfort and aesthetic appeal.
— Measurements and Cutting: Shows measure, cut, and drill with precision to make sure all parts mesh completely.
— Protective Painting: Worries the significance of painting each piece before assembly to safeguard the wood from weathering and to include dynamic color to your garden.
— Assembly Tips: Deals useful suggestions on threading dowels, spacing slats, and protecting the structure, consisting of alternative methods for those with restricted tools.



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This springtime garden bench is easy to make with basic

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  1. This reminds me of the Harmony bench from The Weekend Woodworker, just less fancy! Thanks Steve cheers

    1. Hes one of the few YouTubers that actually do anymore. Now it’s just tool testing videos

  2. Hi, Steve. Always great to hear from you. This reminds me another bench you made a few years ago when your garden was remodeled. A very nice job, as usual. Thank you so much for sharing!!!

  3. I cannot believe you didn’t sit on it in the end! You have left me so very unsatisfied 😂

  4. KDHT, not a lot of makers explained these markings, that’s a great beginning and even intermediate tip!

  5. Here in Pennsylvania the cost is about $4 each 2or so that is a cost of $30 screws included. With just hand power tools it takes about an hour to build each (less each if you make several at once).
    But you could save a few $ if you use 2×3’s for the seat.

  6. The block of wood with the screw in it is absolutely genius. Nice build and very sturdy ❤❤

  7. I love this bench. Simple yet elegant and effective! I’m considering building a few to have throughout my trails. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  8. I absolutely love your build project videos. I remember the first bench. (I’m an old coot who has watched since you and Barney and Fred started on YouTube.) I am planning to build this bench for my son’s front door entry way. Thanks for the video. You are the best.

  9. I made the miter station, it is awesome. I just used it the other day and will use it again this weekend. The www course is great. Have been following Steve for 10+ years.

  10. A tiny detail, but well played with your patreon lists of donors. Setting the lists in the darker areas of the shots so they are visible. Perfect.

    Also, nice build as well.

  11. Steve I don’t know why I never thought of making painting blocks using scrap wood and screws like that. It’s an amazing idea. Thanks for sharing

  12. Your videos, including this one, are clear, detailed and well explained. Thank you for inspiring us to build projects.

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