This garden bench cost less than $20 to make

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This garden bench cost less than $20 to make

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  1. Nice build. By ripping the legs differently after cutting the angled ends, aren’t they slightly different lengths?
    Edit: never mind; that would be the case if they were trapezoids, but they were parallelograms, so it shouldn’t matter.

  2. Nice project Steve !🤔👍🏻😃
    It’s funny how as you were attacking the legs I was mentally yelling at you “the one leg is backwards !!!” Lol 😂
    Also as you were staining it I thought that a lighter top would look good.

  3. Instead of salt to try to hold glue ups still, I’ve had a lot of success with hammering a couple of panel pins or brads halfway in, then clipping them off close to the surface on one of the surfaces to be glued. This then gives you some sharp points to hold the glued surfaces in place while clamping, and you’ll never see it once assembled.

  4. I LOVE that you left in the hiccups. It makes me feel so much more okay with being a Mere Mortal. I don’t end up feeling like a doofus when I make the mistakes like you did, like I would when I inevitably compare my work and skills to those of some of the other popular channels on here. Thanks so much for making this hobby approachable!

  5. Also, I’ve never seen that tip about punching holes in the can to let the paint drain back in 😮

  6. I can’t recommend strongly enough how much I appreciate what you do. I have taken all three of your woodworking courses and highly recommend it for all of you wanting to try woodworking. I have learned so much and I now consider myself a intermediate woodworker. I am retired and approaching 73 years young. Woodworking is meditation for me. Thank you Steve.

  7. Steve, you are like a fine wine that keeps getting better with time. Thanks for posting, this mere mortal appreciates you and your videos. I really like the design of the bench.👍👍👍👍👍

  8. I learned woodworking because of your YouTube videos and your Weekend Woodworking course. Thank you for making more project videos. I just finished the table with tapered legs from a few months back, and now I’m going to work on this next. You are a legend.

  9. Thank you! I had a rough week with my woodworking. Getting back into it after a long time off, well, let’s just say that mistakes were made. Seeing that even respected pros like you can have head jams as well made me feel a bit better. I really appreciate your laid back approach and the whole “mere mortal” thing.

  10. Hey Steve, 15:30 – a little trick i use sometime is to put some salt in the glue joint for things like this, and it will help grip the two pieces of wood to prevent them sliding on the glue so much. i use it all the time and its great. just regular table salt, or some slightly coarser salt works great

  11. Very happy to see a video like you used to make. Those got me into woodworking, and of course the Weekend Woodworker course! Want to build this – seems easy and doesn’t require many tools or expensive wood.

    Are the plans anywhere to download?

  12. Thank you for all you do. I love that you leave in those little mess ups. Makes us feel better when we do it ourselves. I like that you mentioned using dowels to join. I have learned a lot from your channel.

  13. Recommendation for attaching the long stretchers. You couldn’t clamp across them because they were opposing angles and the stretchers were pulling up, but they were at the same angle as the leg they were attached to, so you could have just clamped them to the leg right next to them for the clamping force to be parallel. Wouldn’t have had to drill holes and screw them in. Love your vids and keep it up.

  14. I love how you show the oops along the way. I got really into watching your channel specifically for that reason, it shows you are the same as the rest of us mere mortals! It’s great to hear that catchy jingle again!!

  15. Great video Steve. I’m really enjoying the simple line and clean design of these recent projects. Showcasing the material for what it is. Great work 👍

  16. Nice bench, Steve. I’m glad to see you back in the shop! I’ve missed your project videos 😊.

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