Making a small, simple box

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a small, simple box

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    1. @Steve Ramsey – Woodworking for Mere Mortals it just reminded me of an old SNL skit with Adam Sandler. Also I smoke weed.

    2. ​@Steve Ramsey – Woodworking for Mere Mortals
      If you make a box with a hidden compartment these guys go crazy 😂

    3. @Luis Moré or maybe even a puzzle box. You know you have to stop smoking whenever you can’t get it open anymore. Lol

    4. @Sam Wilkins oh man.. it is really a good one. I think I will do a bigger box to put my fridge in. So I’ll stop drinking when my family and friends come home and we drink too much 😂😂

    5. @Luis Moré This kind of absurdity is exactly why I love commenting on things. Thanks for the bit of fun.

  1. what’s that last bit where you’re using the knife? I’m not sure what’s happening there or the router right before.

    1. sneaking up on the thickness of the timber so the lid doesn’t pop off and get chewed up by the router bit – once very close, use a knife to sever the last little fibres holding it together

  2. You were super helpful to me getting started into woodworking, thank you for your hard work that you put into these videos!

  3. Lovley box… exactly the right size to bury my dreams and aspirations in! 5 Stars, would recommend

  4. “Boxes… boxes… Why does it always have to be boxes? I mean, really, how many things do you really need to contain in a box?…”

  5. Steve I remember an old video that you show how to do the trick with the router to made the lid perfectly fit. Do you mind to show which one was it?

    1. You just need to get rich making YouTube videos for cranky people like yourself!

  6. Your video from eons ago with this technique was one of my first WW YT
    vids and a wonderful intro into WWMM which I’ve stayed glued to since.
    Steve Ramsey is an OG!

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