How to clean a tablesaw table #shorts

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clean a tablesaw table #shorts

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  1. Good reminder! I did that a few years ago and while I don’t have a rust problem I think it’s time to reapply the wax.

  2. Ive always like using scotchbrite + wd40, and finishing with something like fluid film. But ya, your method is essentially the same with slightly different products.

  3. I bought a cabinet saw that was so rusted I had to use naval jelly to remove it. Other than that, I pretty much use this same routine.

  4. I’ve use this same method many times, also I never let anyone place a beverage on the cast area. I also will put paste wax on my blades as well.

    1. “If your friend place a beverage on your cast iron table saw, he is not your friend” – Unknown

  5. Good advice, Steve. I agree with you. I think that this will work on any cast iron table saw table.
    Thanks for the video.
    Hey, it’s time that you built your sweet wife some more furniture You’re neglecting her!!

  6. Adding a layer of paste wax makes it a lot easier for cutting. Whenever I notice the wood appear to “stick” or otherwise not moving smoothly, I just add a layer and voila!

  7. I suppose I shouldn’t have been quite so shocked at the difference wax made for my cross-cut sled. But I really was.

  8. A bunch of years ago I found a cheap quarter sheet palm sander somewhere (open box item maybe?). Turns out, those rectangular scotchbrite pads fit it perfectly. Spray the table with WD-40, hit it with the sander, and it makes super quick work of any rust! But it makes the sander super dirty, so I only use it for that now. Hence the cheap part lol

  9. I’ve also used naval jelly when there’s a lot of rust. I’ve used steel wool with WD-40 as opposed sand paper. Works great and no dust. Car wax/polish works great too if you don’t have paste wax.

  10. I’ve got the same tablesaw and I use Renaissance wax and keep a small sheet of plywood over top of the cast iron section.

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